Top 5 Sexiest Korean Celebs in the Army

If you love men in uniform, these five hot Korean celebrities who have joined the Korean military may just take you over the edge

It’s mandatory for all male Korean citizens to enlist into the military at one point or another. Celebrities have had the privilege of postponing their enlistments due to conflicting work schedules, but as they bid farewell to their celebrity status for two years, fans around the world patiently await their return to stages and silver screens. Here are our picks of the Top 5 Sexiest Korean celebrities currently serving their country.

Sexiest-1 Rain

The most recent celebrity to join the army just four days ago is none other than world celebrity Rain. He had 1,200 fans send him off at the entrance of his military base and he’s one of only two celebrities whose military departure was relayed live on national television. We love how his eyes disappear into a disarmingly charming line every time he flashes his trademark boyish smile. Catch his well-oiled abs of steel in his Love Song music video as he gyrates to the music while ripping off his singlet. 'Til then, we’ll probably have to watch reruns of Full House and his concert DVDs over and over again.

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin was the other celebrity to have his military departure broadcast live on Korean national television in March this year. The Secret Garden star will be serving 21 months in the Marine Corps and we’ve heard that he’s been doing great in camp earning full points and badges for his combat uniform in training. Nothing is more attractive than this man in a uniform. After all, he was one of our Top 5 Sexiest Korean Celebs.

Kim Hee-Chul

Last month, this Super Junior member enlisted into the army, which brought promotions for the band’s new album Mr.Simple to a brief halt. The well-loved flower boy will be serving 23 months as a member of the "public service personnel". The singer delivers mind-blowing charisma when on stage - from the way he dances, to doing the occasional jacket flip, to even the way he holds his microphone while sexily touching his lips (seen in Sorry Sorry live).

Kim Jae-Wook

This actor debuted via the popular drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince where his mysterious aura and laid-back style immediately captured the hearts of the ladies. We wished he was the one making our waffles every morning, not unlike his role as the waffle-boy in the show. Have we mentioned, he looks smoking hot in a suit. We’re sad he is without his famous tousled hair (that we wish we could run our hands through endlessly) since he cropped it for his enlistment earlier this July. It’s going to be a long two years, but we can’t wait to have him back already.

Lee Jun-Ki

It’s been more than a year since this pretty boy appeared on our screens and we miss him so. He shot to fame in 2005 with the drama My Girl and the award winning movie The King and the Clown. The actor, famous for his signature feminine style and sharp facial features, has beefed up quite a bit since then. He’s currently serving within the public relations department of Korea’s Ministry of National Defense and we’re looking forward to his return next March.