Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your man’s mind when it comes to sex? Here are four things he secretly wants you to do in bed (and out of it) that may surprise you...

Be selfish
Go on, hit the big O before your man. Nothing turns him on more than seeing his woman firmly bent on getting off first. When he sees you climax, it shows him you’re comfortable with your body and attuned to all your pleasure points. And who doesn’t love a confident woman?

Sweat buckets

We always want to smell divine for him so we slather on lots of body cream after a bath, before we hit the love nest. But the next time you return from a jog, skip the shower. Your sweat will release natural pheromones that will bring out his most primal of instincts.

Skip the laundry basket
After a romp, you might prefer to jump up, throw the bedsheets off and chuck them in the laundry. Relax: Acting as though sex with your other half has just violated your sleeping space isn’t the way to go and is a huge turn-off. Bask in the afterglow first without obsessing over those damp spots.

Take control

Many women feel it’s the man’s job to manage everything in the bedroom, from making the first move to bringing up the idea of role-playing. While that’s fine sometimes, feel free to pounce on him and share your fantasies with him now and then. Doing so lets your man know you want him, and that itself will heighten his desire.