Women in Singapore react to Nigella Lawson's assault case

WATCH: Singaporeans react to the shocking photos of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and her husband Charles Saatchi, who are currently in the midst of filing for a divorce

Singapore women speak up on the Nigella Lawson assault
Nigella Lawson, pictured in June 2013. PHOTO: JEAN-PAUL/MIRROR ONLINE

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson made the headlines in June 2013, after she was seen being abused by her husband Charles Saatchi at a London restaurant.

Recently, the art collector Charles Saatchi announced his decision to divorce his 53-year-old wife.

In an icy official statement, Saatchi said: "I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way."

Lawson has yet to make an official statement on their pending divorce.

Married since 2003, the couple were reportedly having an argument at a restaurant in Central London; pictures of their fight where Saatchi appeared to be holding Lawson forcefully by the neck were first published on British tabloids including The Mirror.

Saatchi had initially dismissed the shocking photos as "a playful tiff", sparking a flood of criticism against him.

Here, Singapore women speak up on the issue of domestic abuse, in reaction to Lawson's situation. Watch what these women have to say here.

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