Fear of the supernatural gives us an adrenaline rush which makes a haunted hotel the perfect place for a titillating boink with a bad porn feel… just imagine having chilling goosebumps as you climax.

Here are 10 hotels across Asia where spirits are said to still hang out. (Perhaps you might even get it on with a ghost!) 

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Raintr33 Hotel, Singapore

This used to be the former dilapidated Changi Hospital building which was captured by the Japanese in WWII. People say that the Japanese used this place to torture POWs rather than to treat them and since then there have been screams and shadows heard amongst the halls of the hospital.

Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Asia Hotel looks spooky and haunted, even at first glance. The hotel is dimly lit and rooms are old and musty. Guests in bed have mentioned seeing ghostly figures sitting on the sofa staring at them, only to vanish into thin air.

First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands, the famous hill resort in Malaysia, is also known as one of the most haunted places in Malaysia. Given that it is a casino resort, a lot of gambling-related suicides have happened over the years. At night, you can hear children playing loudly in corridor. 

The Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie, India

The Savoy is a historic luxury hotel. The hotel offers not only a luxury but a constant supply of pure terror. The former owner, Lady Ormsby , who died allegedly from poisoning, is said to be haunting this hotel.

Akasaka Weekly Mansion, Tokyo, Japan

Noppera-b is a terrifying spirit who appears normal until a person approaches. When it turns to acknowledge you, it exposes a white face completely blank of features. One of the most haunted places in Tokyo is rumored to be the Akasaka Weekly Mansion.

Corus Paradise Hotel, Port Dickson, Malaysia

This place is run down. On the website, you see 4 grand blocks but when you get there, only 1 block is functional. The other 3 are abandoned - no lights, peeling paint, looks like haunted blocks. In some rooms, guests complained about some very eerie water mark on the wall, and disgusting odour.

Langham Place, Hong Kong

This hotel is in popular shopping area, Mong Kok. Guests have heard strange tapping noises in the room during the night. Even during the day some guests have mentioned that they felt like they were being ‘watched’.

Sijori Resort, Batam, Indonesia

The place is huge and old. Plus it is isolated and far away from anywhere. Almost all their rooms are located on a steep the hill. If you come back late, it’s an eerie trek up to your room as there are not many lights. And guests say that the lamps sometimes flicker on and off for no apparent reason.

Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

This is one of the top 10 haunted places in the Philippines. It used to be a rest house and a seminary way back 1911 before it was developed into a hotel. During the World War II, numerous nuns and priests were beheaded there and this was believed to be the reason why headless apparitions can often be seen during the night inside the hotel.

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