It has been 20 years since the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, was published. As fans celebrate, United Kingdom publisher Bloomsbury is set to release on Oct 20 a pair of new books focused on The Boy Who Lived. They are Harry Potter: A History Of Magic and Harry Potter - A Journey Through A History Of Magic. Meanwhile, for all Potterheads seeking to satisfy their inner wizard and witch, HomeAway - the world leader in vacation rentals - recommends these properties where you can live like your favourite characters in the series.




1. Experience the wild in Hagrid's hut

Photo: Crookwath Barn

Surrounded by nature, you can live just like Rubeus Hagrid and his wild pets do in Crookwath Barn, a traditional hillside stone barn set 350m above Matterdale in the remote valley of Dowthwaite in the heart of the Lake District National Park. The barn was converted into a cottage that can accommodate four guests and is equipped with modern-day comforts such as Wi-Fi, a heating system and a fully functional kitchen.


2. Gather at the burrow like the Weasleys

Photo: Homeaway

If you love travelling in a big group, the Great Higham Barn and Oast is a dream come true.  Located just an hour and a half from London and close to both historic market town Faversham and the popular seaside town of Whitstable, this beautiful barn and oast cottage is ideal for large gatherings, and the neighbouring fields could allow for a Quidditch match.

It can also serve as a wedding venue, which brings to mind Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's nuptials at The Burrow.


3. Rendezvous at The Order of the Phoenix's headquarters

Photo: Homeaway

Sirius Black's family home and the headquarters of the good wizards' secret society is located smack in the middle of a Muggle neighbourhood, and this gorgeous London flat located on a quiet cobbled street is an uncanny lookalike. Best of all, it is a mere minute's walk from King's Cross station. Platform 9¾, anyone?


4. Tide through dark times in Malfoy Manor

Photo: Airbnb

Immerse yourself in the world of old money and grandeur like the Malfoy family in this private and beautifully preserved Edwardian castle in Dunskey Estate. It is complete with 2,000 acres of glen walks, forests, three beaches, two lochs, award-winning walled gardens and two waterfalls to explore. Perhaps the only thing missing from this stately estate is Dobby the house elf.


5. Elope to Shell Cottage

Photo: Sykes Cottage

Shell Cottage is a beautiful haven for newlyweds Bill and Fleur. This delightful semi-detached stone cottage known as Castell Criws, located in Harlech town, is the perfect romantic retreat for couples. The double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is cosy enough for two, and the cottage is within walking distance of shops, pubs and restaurants.


6. Live it up at Riddle House

Photo: Facebook

The magnificent Westbury Castle in North Wales was home to the Mostyns, one of the great families in Welsh history. Reminiscent of the family home of the wealthy Riddles, enjoy the stunning architecture of this castle, which can accommodate up to 34 guests. It is perfect for weddings, birthday celebrations or even just the experience of living in a castle. It is fitted with modern-day amenities and appliances.


7. Go whole hog at Hogwarts Castle

Photo: Homeaway

Conduct your own Transfiguration or Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons at this Victorian mansion in Kinblethmont estate, which will make you believe you are in the most popular location of the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts Castle.


This article was first published at The New Paper.