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Hot coffee, hotter baristas, candy experts, indie music, chocolate workshops... Coffee Festival’s back!

Singapore’s only coffee festival returns for its second edition and it promises to be even better


At last year’s coffee festival, we were all enthralled by Dapper Coffee’s Unicorn Tears drink (made with “100 per cent tears of joy”, obviously) and the mini makeover provided by Shiseido.

So how can the 2017 Singapore Coffee Festival possibly top that?

Easy – by coming back with bigger players. Happening next weekend, the second Singapore Coffee Festival will be jazzed up by some pretty big names that you may instantly recognise.

If you’re not feeling hyped yet, then we’ve got some very simple (but great) reasons for why you should be.


1. Edible art



We like art and we love eating, so what better way to celebrate both by creating your own candy?

A candy craft specialist (yep, they’re real!) from Japan will be conducting workshops to teach you how you can add dried flowers and dried nuts into your handmade sweets - and we all know how pretty those Japanese treats can be!


2. Concerts

Do you love music? Then you’ll be glad to know that local artists will be making an appearance at Sunset Wharf, completing your experience with a live performance.

Expect acts like iNCH, Ffion Williams, Stopgap and Lew. What better way to enjoy your cuppa than with a pretty backdrop, great music and coffee?


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3. Get ‘handsy’



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If you’ve ever wanted to get behind the machines and make some killer coffee, then this will definitely be up your alley.

Local cafe-bar The Refinery will be hosting a workshop titled DIY Coffee and Cocktails and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Learning how to make boozy cocktails is a skill we never knew we needed until now.

For those of you who may be looking for a break from the coffee-laden weekend, or if you just really love chocolates (don’t we all?), then you’ll need to check out Krakakoa's Craft Chocolate Making workshop.


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4. Be an Instagram star

Photo: The Coffee Academics / Facebook

Can you really say you went to the Singapore Coffee Festival if you don’t have the Insta-worthy pictures to show for it? We think not.

Don’t worry, though, because there’ll be plenty of opportunities to snap some pictures. Think The Coffee Academics’ Coffee In A Cone, the now iconic Unicorn Tears or even latte art of your own doing (with the guidance of the local pros at Bettr Barista).


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5. Drink up



Now onto the belle of the ball: Coffee.

Beyond perfectly-brewed cups of your favourite drink, there will also be exquisite creations that you need to add to your list, stat.

The Ninety Plus Filter Coffee by Foxhole Cafe x The Pourover Bar, for one, is a must-try for all the coffee purists out there. The brew is made from Ninety Plus coffee beans, the very same used by the World Barista Championship’s previous three winners.

However, if you’re someone who loves a good tasty blend, head down to Americano #15 at the Coffee Festival to try the Cinnamon Cafe Latte from Abbie’s Coffeehouse.

And if you’ve had too much coffee, well, more on that later.


6. Ogle


Hey, we’re not afraid to admit that sometimes our coffee is made much more potent by the cute barista handing our cup of liquid gold over to us.



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It can’t be a coincidence that two of CLEO’s most eligible bachelor contestants this year are baristas, right?

So, you know, keep your eyes peeled for some of them.



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(Alright, fine, these bachelors may not be at the coffee festival, but here’s hoping!)


7. Food



Say you’re ready to take a break from all that coffee. Don’t worry because you’ll find yourself at no shortage for good food. Everyone’s favourite hipster cafe Chye Seng Huat Hardware has joined the growing list of participating exhibitors, so you know that you’ll be guaranteed promising bites to snack on.



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Others joining the list are Hyde & Co, Antoinette, The Coastal Settlement and Arbite.


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The Singapore Coffee Festival will be held from August 4-6 at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Each day is split into two sessions: Brunch (10am to 3.30pm) and Sun-down (4.30pm to 10pm). Tickets are priced at $22 per session.