Book movie tickets with friends on Golden Village’s new Facebook app

Movie house Golden Village has released its mobile ticket-booking Facebook app, a first in Singapore; now you can book your tickets with your friends

You want to catch a movie, but you don’t know if your friends want to join you? Sometimes it’s difficult and troublesome to coordinate a movie outing with a bunch of mates. Now this common problem that all of us face has a solution: Golden Village’s ticket-booking Facebook app.

Released June, 2013, in collaboration with iHub Media, the “GV Movie Ticket Booking” function under Golden Village’s mascot, Mr Popcorn's Facebook fan page takes you through three simple steps to get your screening dates, your friends and all of your movie tickets in one place.

“Like” Mr Popcorn’s page to gain access to the ticket-booking application on your computer or smartphone. The user-friendly interface is a breeze to use, thanks to the team’s five-month effort in perfecting their User App Testing. First, select your film and one of the 11 Golden Village multiplexes that you want to catch it at.

Like the process of online ticket booking, you can pick from the available screenings. What sets Golden Village’s new app apart from online booking systems, however, is that you can invite your movie-going buddies from your Facebook friends list and the app creates a Facebook event just for you and your guests. You can adjust your event’s privacy settings so it can be as private or as public as you wish!

The last step in the app is the advance ticket booking and purchasing function with your credit card. You and your friends will get an e-notification upon purchase so you can go straight ahead into the movie hall after verifying your credit card, cutting short having to queue to buy tickets at the counter.

The next time you want to catch a movie with friends, you know where you can go to get tickets fast!

Access the Golden Village ticket-booking Facebook app here and get updates and information from Golden Village’s Movie Club Facebook page The ticket-booking app has the same booking fees as online booking on Golden Village’s website