Three things to look out for at Singapore's First Urban Design Festival

From colourful installations to summits, we tell you where to sign up and soak in with the festivities.

Urban Ventures, Singapore Urban Design Festival

It's going to be a bustling week in Singapore as the red dot plays host to the first ever Urban Design Festival. Spanning across five days, and concentrating at the Tanjong Pagar district, the festival will feature temporary installations, an international summit, workshops and cultural activities engaging both professionals and citizens. The festival has a three-part programme: two days of talks and workshops to raise awareness on urban design, explore the potential of placemaking for our fast-growing cities; to installations around the district and to end if off, street party Urban Ventures will be held at Keong Saik Road with performances by local musicians and drag queens, plus an Artisans' Market, and various workshops! 

Here are the details:

Urban Design Summit (15th - 16th March
This summit will introduce us to the global movement of placemaking and urban design, led by a series of international experts and Singapore thought leaders who will share their experiences, and innovative ideas. Some of the speakers include Joop De Boer, Pop-Up City co-founder from Amsterdam; Dr. Limin Hee, Director of Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore; and Lorenzo Castellini, esterni co-founder from Italy. List of speakers and topics featured at the summit can be found here.


Urban Design Route

A series of temporary projects will be placed around the Tanjong Pagar district to 'activate' the public space and encourage the people to stay and play. The installations will be placed at the beginning of the festival and will stay for three months for the people to enjoy. We think they make intresting Instagram-worthy shots too. Here are some of the ones we think you may find captivating:


Sombra Verde - Singapore Urban Design Festival

Sombra Verde - or Green Shade in Spanish - is an urban pavilion that provides shade and creates an iconic structure for Duxton Plain Park during the festival. Made of bamboo poles, plant-based polymer, and 3D printed connectors, the connecting pieces were made through 3D printing, directly from the modelling software. Fun fact: the structure weighs less than 150kg, and aims to promote sustainable materials.


Sound Tunnel - Singapore Urban Design Festival

Sound Tunnel is a responsive urban space designed for an existing underpass in the Tanjong Pagar area. The passage of pedestrians through the underpass will be transformed into an interactive experience of light and sound. This installation features motion detectors, which will create a dynamic propagation of light and sound throughout the tunnel. According to Sna & Yuta Nakayama Interaction Design, "the full spectrum of colours and noise, sensor activated by our transit will represent metaphorically the articulate range of feelings, thoughts, and sensations that are accompanying us while we are walking. Beyond the internal dialogue, the aspect of our physically interaction with space will be manifested and shared with other people passing by."


Like you, we'd stop by and immerse ourselves in this kaleidoscope of colours, just to slow things down.


Urban Ventures (17th & 18th March
Celebrating its ninth year, Urban Ventures is back to take over Keong Saik Road with a street party. For more information, click here.