Are you prejudiced against rich people? Find out if you're a reverse snob

Is it ever acceptable to criticise someone based on their background, whether they are poor or rich? Here are 4 signs you might be a reverse money snob

are you a reverse snob - do you hate rich people

We are all too aware of the growing gap between the rich and the poor in Singapore, or for that matter, in the world. In that same spectrum, there exists the snobs - people who look down on others who have less, be it money, talent, taste, education or social standing, etc - and the reverse snobs - people who hate those who have more, and in this case, more money.

While snobs are known to be a pain, reverse snobs are no less obnoxious. They think the world owes them everything; they thumb their nose up at people who earn more. Is it ever acceptable to criticise someone based on their background, whether they are poor or rich? Here at, we list the 4 signs that suggest that you are a reverse money snob.

1. You Are Happy When Something Bad Happens To Someone Richer

From the bottom of your heart, you think that those who are richer than you don't deserve what they have and you dismiss everything that goes behind the scene that have led them onto the path of growing their riches regardless of how hard they've worked, how much sacrifices they've made to get to where they are now.

Whether they're your friends from way back in school or your relatives, it puts a smile on your face when something bad happens to them. Your happiness level goes up when their agony level goes up.

2. You Are Perpetually Bitter

Even if you try your best to save money, your finances may be very tight, you may be struggling to pay off your home loan and you can't afford a bigger flat or new clothes for your kids all the time.

But when you see people, usually younger than you, buying a bigger flat than you can afford, you start to question whether they really need such a big flat or not. Or when you see your neighbour's kid wearing new clothes frequently, you snigger at the amount of money your neighbour has wasted.

When such ugly thoughts surface time and time again, it's a sign you may have become a reverse snob.

Instead of focusing on what you have, you spend your time and energy comparing and looking down on people who have more than you.

3. You Feel Self-Righteous

You feel the need to tighten your belt, and not just that, you feel that other people should also live like you, in financially tight circumstances.

You feel so self-righteous when you wear cheaper clothes or eat at hawker centres, and voice your displeasure at others who like buying new clothes or dine in restaurants every now and then. This feeling of 'self-righteousness' only serves to make you feel good deep down.

4. You Think All Rich People Are Fake, Even When They Are Generous

No matter how sincere and generous your rich peers are towards everyone at one of their many fancy parties and gatherings, you tend to take things with a pinch of salt and you never accept their niceness for what it is.

Something in you just can't stop doubting them being nice to everyone, including you, just because they're richer than everyone else. Sure, you may smile pretentiously when you're sipping on fine champagne and nibbling on caviar at the parties they host but deep down inside, you're adamant that they're pretentious, attention-seeking losers when really, they're just trying to extend their kindness and generosity to you.


Try Reversing Your Reverse Snobbiness

Bill Gates, the richest man on earth, once said, "If you are born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor, it's your mistake".

Well, not everyone has the smarts or good luck to amass as much wealth plus give back to society the way Bill Gates does, but if you're constantly hating the better-off in the hope of consoling yourself, perhaps you'd be better off reflecting and actually doing something about it rather than harbouring such ugly thoughts.

Learn to save, learn to invest, further your studies, upgrade and enhance your skill sets, dofreelance projects to earn extra income, do whatever it takes so that you can move forward!

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