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Weekend pro-tip: How to get rid of that food baby fast after a weekend feast

Indulge all you please this weekend. We've got the tricks on how you can de-bloat stat

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We know you can't resist the good food and if you're too stuffed for more, these are some tips to help ease your belly ASAP.

1. Drink some tea

That’s a reason why a lot of Asian food is served alongside tea. The therapeutic effect of tea can settle down your mood and help debloat your upset stomach. Try peppermint if you’re a fan of minty beverage as it relaxes the opening between your oesophagus and stomach to allow acid flowing back upward.

2. Exercise


Relax! We’re not taking about doing a HIIT workout after eating but a slow stroll when you’re overstuffed yourself can promote digestion. Force yourself to stay upright instead of relocating yourself from the dining table to the nearest couch as quickly as possible (how exhausting!) though if that’s just moving dishes to the kitchen. Lying down straightaway after a meal can cause uncomfortable heartburn when there’s extra pressure on your stomach.

3. Avoid alcohol

Happy hour might be tempting, but those sugar-laden cocktails are a total nightmare especially when you have a bloated stomach. You may think a part of wine or brandy is fine but the sugars in alcohol can be difficult to digest, and beers will definitely make you feel more gassy. Why burden your stomach even more when it’s already suffering?

4. Chug some coffee


If you happen to be a coffee person, a cup of it can actually move your bowels so that you’ll feel less stuffed. But be sure to steer clear of any extremes like drinking too hot, too fast or too much. Be warned that the caffeine’s effects are highly individualised as some might feel worse if they’re sensitive to it.

5. Do some stretches

If the fullness still lingers after about an hour, do some simple twists and stretches. These simple moves can get things moving and support digestion and you probably can have some fun with the kids in the house to get them moving along than snacking or sipping soft drinks, too!

6. Give your stomach a break


After a food coma, freshen up your belly with lemon water in the morning and grant yourself a healthy smoothie. A gentle cleanse can spare your stomach from digesting solid food. Also, make the smoothies on your own so you can pack them with detoxifying ingredients and veggies to add up some nutrients.


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