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Move over moodswings and ta-ra tantrums, this dietary plan will keep you happy all month long

Your monthly cycle doesn't have to make you a monster

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Women are awesome because we survive 7 days of bleeding, and the irritation of wearing tampons/pads. If your menstrual cycle is regular, bleeding once a month is static but if it fluctuates more than that, it’s said to be irregular due to hormonal imbalances. FYI, there’s a strong link between diet and hormones, so it’s crucial to get the right nutrition at the right time to shape your menstrual cycle into a healthier pattern.

Scroll down find out what the right foods are to take during 4 phases of our monthly cycle!


Phase 1 – Menstruation


This is the time where woman will feel a tad relief after the intense bloating, pelvic pain and constant fatigue because we can stop agonizing about the exact day that our period starts. At this stage, some will experience a smaller appetite, but not everyone feels the same. So all you need to do is listen to your body.

Consume plenty of food that rich in iron such as meat, beans and sesame, balance out with vitamin C from orange, kiwi and vitamin B from eggs and whole grains. Yogurt with some dried fruits as snack is great too!


Phase 2 – Follicular


Gurl, you’ll feel extremely awesome during this phase! First, you’re effing done with wearing a pad and second, as your estrogen level rises, your energy and desire will come along. Woo-hoo~

With increased energy, you’ll yearn for larger portion of food and that’s when you can consume red meat such as beed and lamb and eggs to provide all the energy you need. Also, eat food rich in capsaicin (active stimulant found in chillies) to dilate the arteries to ease blood flow through your system. If you want to shake off some fats, this is the best time to hit the gym! 


Phase 3 – Ovulation


This happens about 14 days before your nightmare starts again. The matured eggs will be pushed to the fallopian tube to be fertilized and women’s sex drive will be at its apex.

Increase the intake of fish, spinach, salmon and whole grains because those are great source of zinc as it serves as the key to aid cell division if you are to be conceived. If not, there’s no harm taking beneficial nutrients into our body too.


Phase 4 – Lutheal


Ugh, you know it won’t feel good right before period starts. Pre-menstrual stress (PMS), cramps, headaches, fatigue, tender breasts and intense hunger strike at the same time, you know that. And that’s why it is rather important to take care of your diet because you will binge eating, owing to the fact that your metabolism rates are sky-rocketing.

If you crave for carbs and sweet food, eat them— in moderation. Avoid soda and cake, grab a handful of fruits, dark chocolate or a smoothie to cure your sweet tooth. Magnesium, omega 3 and dairy are to ease PMS, therefore consider a salad bowl, avocado toast or bananas with greek yogurt in your meals.


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