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Get rid of your sinus problems with these 9 tips

Don’t let irritated sinuses ruin your day


Sinuses produce mucus to keep the insides of your nose moist and to keep allergens and pollutants away. Sinus problems can be triggered because of allergies, or very often because of anatomical deviations like having narrow sinuses. And these issues can be a real pain especially when you’ve got a long day ahead of you. If you find yourself often waking up with congested nasal passageways or a runny nose, here are nine ways to cope with your easily irritated sinuses to set your day right.


1. Humidifier


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Dry air causes your mucus to become thicker. This results in congestion of your nasal passages where mucus cannot be drained out properly. The humidity in the air has a huge impact on your sinuses. A humidifier provides moist air to effectively soothe dryness, irritation or itch in your sinuses. Try using it overnight to minimise those morning congestions. But remember to clean your humidifier often. You wouldn’t want it to end up worsening your condition.


2. Drink water


Drinking enough water keeps the whole body hydrated, and that includes your sinuses. Water will also help to keep your mucus thin for it to flow smoothly. Steer clear of caffeine or alcohol as they may cause dehydration.


3. Hot soupy foods


Hot liquids can help loosen mucus. It will also soothe dryness in your throat. Choose foods that come with thin soup bases like chicken noodle soup as it is said to be able to relieve your blocked nose. It may sound like an old wives’ tale but a study from the US published in Chest Journal found that chicken soup may indeed contain anti-inflammatory mechanisms that improve the condition of upper respiratory tract infections. No harm giving it a go to clear your stuffy nose!


4. Get rid of allergens


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If your sinus problems are triggered by allergens, it would be wise to take measures to allergy-proof your home. You can start by using bedding with allergen barriers and keeping your pets out of your bedroom. Avoid having rugs and carpets as they trap dust easily. You should also wear a mask when you have to clean dusty areas in your house. If these measures do not suffice, try an air purifier with an allergy filter for a cleaner and more ventilated home.


5. Hygiene


Practising good hygiene habits may be common sense but it is something many of us often take for granted. Grime and dirt from your hands may travel to your sinuses easily when you touch your face. So remember to wash your hands frequently to protect your sinuses.