7 modern, yummy log cakes to order now for Christmas

The usual chocolate black forest log cake gets old pretty fast, so here’s a selection of impressively unique log cakes put together by the herworldPLUS team to spice up your Christmas dinner parties

1. Ritz Carlton's Mango Passionfruit & Coconut Log Cake, $68

The cake’s bright golden colour makes it stand out from the sea of plain ol’ brown log cakes, making it an instant hit at big dinner parties. The sharp tartness from the passion fruit goes well with the cream's sweetness. The chef was also generous with the coconut shavings, giving each spongy bite a welcome crunch.

Best for: a office Christmas dinner with clients. This cake is bound to impress!

2. Cat and The Fiddle’s Naughty and Nice Cheesecake, $42.90

This is everything a Devil’s cheesecake should be; it’s moist, sinful, and oh-so-chocolatey. There’s also a curious ice-cream like texture to the cake, which makes it even more indulgent. Even though this cake isn’t a conventional log cake, the edible gold dust sprinkled on top gives the otherwise normal chocolate cake a festive Christmas cheer and makes the cake almost too pretty to eat.

Best for: a festive night in with your closest girlfriends. Snuggle up with a slice of this cake, a cup of hot chocolate and a classic Christmas movie (I recommend Love Actually) for an indulgent Christmas experience.

3. Dean & Deluca’s Rainbow Log Cake, $78

This colourful cake makes for a wonderful addition to any table. The pastry chef uses six different fruit extracts in making Dean & Deluca’s signature rainbow cake - orange, strawberry, lemon, green apple, blueberry and grape - before coating it generously with a soft layer of Italian meringue. It really is delicious, so expect your guests to come back for seconds, even thirds!

Best for: A big gathering with your family and friends!

4. Neo Garden Catering’s Ondeh Ondeh Log Cake, $68.80

It’s heartwarming to see more local businesses adding a Singaporean touch to classic Christmas dishes. This cake stays true to the authentic Ondeh Ondeh flavour, and the gula melaka rolled with pandan sponge makes it delightfully sweet. The macarons on top aren’t the best, but it does make for a pretty presentation.

Best for: Christmas dinner at your in-laws' house. They are sure to be impressed with the cake's traditional Asian flavours.

5. Bakerzin's Apple Pistachio Yule Cake, $70

This cake features several distinct flavours, including ground pistachio, apple mousse, chocolate and a hint of Smirnoff Green Apple.

Best for: A gathering with friends before hitting the clubs for the real Christmas celebrations. 

6. Goodwood Park Hotel's Manjari Chocolate & Cassis Mousse Log Cake, $76

This sleek cake has a nice balance of chocolate and fruity flavours, and will look elegant on any table.

Best for: A formal Christmas dinner with your extended family.

7. Poppy & Co's Speculoos Cookie Butter Christmas Cake, $70

This adorable cake features a multilayer medley of fluffy chocolate sponge cake held together with sweet Speculoos cookie butter ganache, atop a crisp and sturdy milk chocolate feuilletine base laced with creamy Speculoos cookie butter. 

Best for: A Christmas party that you know will be filled with children. The abundance of cookies in this cake gurantees its popularity with the little ones (and most adults, too!).