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If Christmas turkey is the queen of the table, then ham is the porcine princess of the jolly season. Ham is a common food found in anywhere from sandwiches to fried rice, and for the Yuletide season, you certainly don’t want to gnaw on the everyday variety. Instead, we recommend going a cut above and buying a speciality Christmas ham in Singapore.


Bone-in Ham or Boneless Ham?

There are two varieties of ham: bone-in and boneless. Gourmands recommend the bone-in variety for richer taste and flavour. Whether this is because the bone imparts more flavour during cooking, or because boneless hams are patched up with minced meat and other cuts is a topic left to the experts. We’d gladly watch them argue about it; we’ll be enjoying our delicious meats over here. 

Most delis and hotels price their seasonal hams in the triple digits, but there are great budget options to be found in the supermarkets and at local grocers. Dress up your Christmas feast with these 4 Christmas ham deals which go for under S$70 each.


1. Cold Storage Primo Picnic Bone-in Ham: S$49.95

Air-flown from Australia especially for the Christmas season, this Cold Storage exclusive is 2.9kg of bone-in smoked ham made from the foreleg. 

This ham is sized for 15 to 25 people, but don’t fret if you aren’t planning on inviting so many guests. You can always use the leftovers for soups, sandwiches and other dishes. 

Price and Details


  • Primo Picnic Bone-in Ham 
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • No of pax: 15 to 25

Delivery: S$12 per delivery, S$7 for orders over S$60
Order lead time: 4 business days


2. NTUC FairPrice Bone-in Christmas Ham: S$54.90

FairPrice’s deal is an affordable option for bone-in Christmas ham, especially if you’re planning on hosting a large party.

The 4kg ham can feed 20 to 30 pax, and also comes with apple sauce so there’ll be one less item on your Christmas party shopping list. 

Price and Details


  • Xmas Ham (Bone-in)
  • Apple sauce
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • No of pax: 20 to 30

Delivery: S$10 per delivery, S$7 for orders over S$60
Order lead time: 4 business days

Free Wine Promotion

Spend S$150 in a single order on items from the Festive Deli catalogue to receive 1 free bottle of Finca Del Marquesado Crianza 2013 and 1 free bottle of Domremy Sparkling Apple Juice (each 75cl) worth S$35.95. While stocks last.


3. Foodie Marketplace Gammon Bone-In Ham: S$57

Situated in the trendy Tiong Bahru estate, local butchery Foodie Marketplace has stocked up on gammon bone-in hams for all your Christmas feasts needs. 

The hams average 3.6kg each, and can feed between 20 to 25 pax. Do note that this ham is semi-cooked, so you’ll need to have an oven or grill handy.

Price and Details


  • Gammon Ham (Bone-in)
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • No of pax: 20 to 25

Delivery: Self-pickup only


4. Swiss Butchery Pecan Crusted Ham: S$69

Another local grocer to check out for affordable Christmas ham is Swiss Butchery. This year, the shop is offering a 2kg Pecan Crusted Ham, which, we were told, is prepared exclusively for Christmas.

Unlike the other 3 hams, this is a boneless ham. We’re including it for it’s budget-friendly price point, and also because it sounds simply delicious. 

According to the website, this crunchy, succulent ham feeds between 4 to 6 pax (who are presumably on an all-ham diet – that’s 500gm of ham each!) But we say serve it along with other Christmas favourites to spread the happiness around. 

Price and Details


  • Pecan Crusted Ham
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • No of pax: 4 to 6

Delivery: S$30, free for orders S$150 and above
Order lead time: 4 business days


The original version of this story was published in Singsaver on November 25, 2016.

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