6 amazing Singapore Instagram bakers to order your sweet Valentine’s Day treats from

Do away with run-of-the-mill confections this Valentine’s Day and opt for these delicious and splendid bakes from these Instagram bakers.


We love the rustic bakes from Little Favors by Ethel. Fresh blooms and herbs are sometimes decked out in the creations, lending a bucolic quality to the cakes. Choose from handmade tarts featuring roasted meringue tops to gorgeous bundt cakes crowned with fresh berries.

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Li Tying has a visually stunning Instagram page that not only showcases her baked creations but also includes anecdotes of the people whom the bakes are for. Her cakes are bold, combining all sorts of flavours that sometimes have us wondering if they will work together. This vegan creation for instance features flavours like chai, matcha, carob chilli, and earl grey and is topped with canned peaches and figs.

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If your bae loves macarons, Valerie at Mad Over Mac does customised macarons that can take on your favourite cartoon character such as Gudetama and Pokemon. For something more elegant, there are trendy galaxy-themed ones or grey-hued ones that have flecks of gold on them.

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If cakes are too mainstream for you, try swiss rolls. Cooqies does customised ones that are decked out in the adorable visuals. For Valentine’s Day, they’re working with paper artist Eileen Lim to bundle her chocolate and cake creations with Eileen’s paper flowers.

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You might have heard of Elijah Pies, which has been doing numerous pop-ups all over the island. There are selected flavours to choose from, including Raspberry Ripple, which feels very Valentine’s Day appropriate, as well as crowd favourites Pandan Coconut and Matcha Latte.

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The main star of Charlotte’s cake creations are her meringues, pretty, dainty dollops that sit on most of her bakes. Her bakes evoke a certain whimsy, and are very romantic, perfect to present to the love of your life. If you want something on a smaller scale, she does buttercream-topped cupcakes too.

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