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It’s International Happiness Day and there’s no better way to celebrate than to be happy...obviously. We know it can be hard to feel that way, especially when you’ve got the Monday blues, but at the very least we could try. Reach out for the stars as they say, even when you fail and fall short, you’re somewhere in between - a happy place nevertheless.


So here we go, we’ve accumulated a few effortless tips to incorporate into the entire day of work that will help tide you through. Time will pass by so quickly you won’t even notice the clock striking knock-off-o-clock. Before you know it, it’s martini time because we girls deserve a drink or two.


1. Steal some time for a little exercise / stretches



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If you’re clocking in seven to ten hours daily, it’s really important to remain active throughout the day. We don’t want to lead a sedentary lifestyle, do we? But yet, waking up that extra hour earlier seems like an impossible task when your alarm rings at 5am. Nope, not today *hits snooze*.


For those like us who want more bed time, you can always steal a few stretches every hour. Make it a point to refill your bottle, head to the loo or just walk around for a while. When you’re going for lunch or have to pick up a parcel, use the stairs instead of the lift because every step matters: it rejuvenates and reminds your body to be active. Being active aids being happy because when you do so, your body releases endorphins that triggers a positive feeling by interacting with the receptors in your brain that perceives pain. Get that booty moving!


2. Do the minute but mundane tasks first



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You know what’s the worst - those ‘not really’ urgent emails that you have to reply to at some point in time, or that online activation you need to do for a certain account that only takes a minute or two to do.


Yes those, those are the worst because they require the least time and effort but you keep procrastinating because you think they aren’t the top tasks on the list. Whilst this could be true, once you’ve started procrastinating, it never gets done. It will slowly manifest itself at the back of your head and translate into a nagging pain subtly in the background, which causes unduly stress and VOILA you’re messed up for the day. So, you get the drift, get those out of the way first thing in the morning and you can start battling the larger monsters with a clearer and happier mind.


3. Have some human interaction and humour injection



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Everybody loves some good humour. You could be a C grade looking guy with A class humour and you’re likely to get some ladies more than an A grade looking guy with zero humour - this shows how critical a little bit of humour is for you to keep happy. We’re not saying go mess around the entire day and keep cracking jokes (disturbing your colleagues in the process) but ensure you avert your eyes from the screen and inject some human conversation every now and then, coupled with some cute giggles that will just reset your mind before tackling the next task on hand.


4. Make small goals



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We know how stupid and redundant this might sound but trust us, it’s really going to make a difference. Start off your day with some goals, such as what you want to achieve throughout the day. Then guess who is winning? You. As soon as you’re clear and you’re on your way to slay, accomplishing each task will be like awarding brownie points to yourself. There is no tangible prize at the end of the day but the priceless feeling of satisfaction, and that is the whole point of being happy right? We also suggest you throw in a piece of chocolate or two, just for the fun you know.


5. Make plans so you have something to look forward to


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Be it with your loved ones or your friends or your dog or that pet lizard you keep near your house because his big watery eyes are peering down at you with such sympathy you’ve decided to call him Tom. Make plans, especially for after-work hours. It could be a nice dinner or even a nice hot shower before tucking yourself in bed with an aged glass of Pinot Noir. Keep it simple and classy, the day is going to pass by so easily when you’ve got something to look forward to at the end of the day, with or without Tom.


6. Complain to your loved ones



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The usual practice if you do have any immediate frustration is to meditate. Which usually fails because let’s be honest, we are females and are known for being *coughs* hypersensitive and emotional. But what if this doesn’t work? Then we’re screwed. But wait...there’s another alternative.


Talking is a great therapy (hence why counselling is so expensive) and that’s why you should rant at your friends. No really...rant away. Text your friend, or your partner, and go on a crazy rampage about whatever it is. As long as they know you just need an outlet, on.


7. Take a power nap



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There comes a point of time every day where your mind will be extremely saturated, especially the limbo period of after lunch or two hours before knock-off time. You can get really sleepy and sluggish, like we do, no thanks to food coma. But a 10 minute power nap really does help. It’s proven that these little naps help to reset the mind and heightens alertness. You’ll also feel deeply satisfied from the fact that you’ve been working crazy hard and this is a well-deserved nap.


8. Bring snacks and coffee / tea



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Food is life, food is love, that really is our mantra. So stock up on your favourite foods and beverages, like coffee (because Monday mornings need an extra shot of life). Whenever you’re peckish or running low on energy, refuel yourself and there we go. Best yet? Stock up on brain foods, like almonds, berries and avocados etc. They help to maintain a healthy brain that won’t cause you to feel sluggish and you get to use the the hashtag #eatclean.