Only one more month to try the limited edition mochi ice creams from Haagen Dazs

If you love Japanese flavours you’re really gonna dig these

If you haven’t heard yet, Haagen Dazs launched the flavours Green Tea Mochi and Azuki Mochi recently, in November 2017. 



True to the style of Haagen Dazs, the ice creams are rich in flavour, meaning they don’t hold back on the true taste of quality green tea and red bean. And as for the mochi, you’ll find it in the form of chopped mochi skin blended into the ice cream.



We love tidbits and treats in our ice cream, so having something to sink our teeth into was a nice touch.


Instagram: @cyn_hung

These flavours come in mini cups ($17.90 for four) or a regular pint ($14.50), though prices may vary depending on where they’re sold. You can find them in Haagen Dazs stores as well as selected supermarkets and retailers.



But if you’re going to drop by the Haagen Dazs store, check out the Love you so Mochi Ice Cream Fondue ($49.90). It’s a fondue that has both dark and white chocolate, melted till silky and warm. You’ll have mochi ice cream balls, mini ice cream scoops, fresh fruits and pastries to dip into the chocolate. Mmm. 


Photo: @foodanyway

2017 was a pretty interesting year for ice cream, thanks to Hello Kitty inspired ice cream by Godivasavoury creations from Magnum and now mochi ice cream. We can’t wait to see what new flavours will be coming up in 2018.