Will you try this chicken nugget and french fries instant noodle?

This quirky flavour will be released in Japan on Feb 14

Photo: Nissin Group 

Fancy some fried chicken and french fries in your instant noodles?

Now you can for the princely sum of ¥205 (S$2.47) a serving. Unfortunately, you will need to fly to Japan for it because this is the new flavour which Nissin will introduce on Feb 14.

According to a report on Japanese website SoraNews24, the Cup Noodle Potenage Big is part of the instant noodle manufacturer’s Big brands. This means the cup noodle comes in a larger than usual portion - 94g instead of the usual 77g.

Potenage, according to the report, is a portmanteau word combining potato and “nagetsu”, which means nuggets.

Photo: Nissin Group 

If the publicity photo is anything to go by, the latest flavour will come not just with fried chicken bits and potato chunks but also include scrambled egg bits and spring onions.

Nissin is known for introducing unusual and local flavours in its cup noodles. In Singapore, the manufacturer has offered local flavours including chilli crab and laksa.

Since it introduced its first cup noodle in 1971, it has sold more than 40 billion cups.

This article was first published on The Straits Times