The 4 coolest coworking spaces for work and play

Sprinkled around the CBD, these modern offices know how to keep the Monday blues at bay

Photo: Angela Guo, Art Direction: Shan

If you’ve just set up on your own or are working freelance, a co-working space makes sense. The rent isn’t astronomical, you’ll connect with loads of people outside your industry, and have tons of useful, fun events to go to. Oh, and did we mention? These spaces are gorgeous. So even if you’re not in the market for a hot desk, read this and drool. Then show it to your boss.


1. WeWork: The one that lets you work anywhere in the world

Photo: Angela Guo, Art Direction: Shan

The place: The best way to describe it? Hyper-local. The space – the first for US-based WeWork in South-east Asia – pays homage to the traditional Singapore shophouse. It features elements such as old storefronts with arched window frames and shutters, and coffee shop tiles. Pastel colours also make the place feel airy and light. The customised artwork that incorporates local slang like “can lah” and “chope” is also a nice touch.

You’ll have everything you need here – conversation rooms for conference calls, meeting rooms, breakout areas to chat, and even pockets of space to meditate. With three floors, WeWork can accommodate close to 700 people at any time. Plans are in the works to set up two more spaces – at Robinson Road and Funan.


Photo: Angela Guo, Art Direction: Shan

The people: Ten per cent of Fortune 500 companies are WeWork members, including HP Enterprise in Singapore. Larger companies tend to use WeWork spaces in countries where they have fewer employees, or base certain departments at the co-working space if they feel it’s a more conducive environment for them to work in. Well-known local start-ups like Chope, Policypal, and Stashaway also operate out of the WeWork space here. Interestingly, women make up 45 per cent of WeWork’s membership, and most of them run businesses in new media, tech, manufacturing and marketing.

WeWork members can also tap any of its 230 locations around the world by booking workstations or meeting rooms via its app, at zero extra cost. “The app also lets members connect and work virtually with other members around the world, and allows them to discover business opportunities within the network by providing feedback and inviting each other to events,” explains Turochas Fuad, WeWork South-east Asia’s managing director.


Photo: Angela Guo, Art Direction: Shan

The perks: Beer on tap aside (yasss), there are game nights, a ping-pong table in the lounge, and “Wellness Wednesdays”, when healthy snacks are served up and members are encouraged to take a free fitness class offered by Guavapass. It’s all aimed at helping people across different companies get to know each other. But if you feel bad about having too much fun, hit up any of the product demonstrations, panel discussions, pitch competitions, and networking opportunities that WeWork organises throughout the week.

WeWork Beach Centre is at 15 Beach Road. Monthly membership begins at $550 for a hot desk and $1,100 a member for a private office. For more, go to