There’s no denying it, Starbucks is synonymous with coffeehouse culture. And as we raise our coffee mugs to celebrate the fact that it has been 40 years since the very first Starbucks store opened in Pike Place Market, Seattle, in 1971, we can’t help but notice a slight difference with our favourite green mermaid aka the siren, as the folks at Starbucks have renamed her.

For years, we have been greeted by the siren coupled with bold letters that spell “Starbucks”, directing us to the spot for our caffeine fix. Today, the brand has become so iconic, that in order to mark its evolution, all merchandise and signs will only feature the image of the siren without the letters, showing off a slicker, more streamlined logo.

And that’s not the only thing to celebrate.

“Now present in more than 50 countries with more than 17,000 stores, we are making this year a year of tribute to our partners and customers to thank them for their support and to commemorate our unwavering commitment and relationship to our customers” says Ruth Yam, Marketing Manager of Starbucks Coffee Singapore.

New offerings like the Cocoa Cappuccino ($6.10 for a tall) - an artfully prepared cuppa which features fresh, caramelly espresso, bittersweet mocha sauce, steamed milk and a thick layer of silky foam, provides the perfect balance between the bold flavor of espresso and the rich sweetness of mocha – and is sure to win the hearts of the regular coffee fiend. The oh-so-lovely Cake Pops ($2.80), available in three flavours, are the perfect portable combination of cake and icing, double dipped in premium chocolate for those who can’t stomach an entire slice of cake. 

Coffee connoisseurs may want to opt for the Starbucks Tribute Blend ™, an unexpected blend of four different beans – aged Sumatra, sun-dried Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Colombia, made with three different coffee processing methods combined after roasting to capture the best flavour notes from each variety, the perfect pairing for both sweet and spicy treats. Available while stocks last. ($14.90 per 250g bag)

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