Name of restaurant: Ci Gusta!
Type of cuisine: Italian desserts and beverages
Ci Gusta Yoghurt Tenero with toppings
You may have had a cup of gelato elsewhere in Singapore; almost a dime a dozen these days. But have you tried soft serves made with gelato or yogurt?

Opened by sisters Peggy Lim and Claudia Lin, the first-ever Asian outlet of Italian Ci Gusta! serves a good range of gelati, sorbet and its “tenero” line; the latter is a soft serve that integrates ingredients from ice cream, gelato, sorbet or yogurt into smooth, light and unique frozen treats.

Situated just across the street from IKEA at Alexandra Road, this hidden Italian dessert gem has been attracting family crowds and more.

Diners can choose to mix and match scoops of freshly-made gelato with different tenero flavours and an assortment of toppings; or add these Italian ice-cream on top of waffles and crepes. New flavours will be introduced each month, so keep a look out for more classic Italian and original Singapore-inspired gelato flavours.

Well-made gelati are intense with flavour yet not too sweet to be cloying. Gelato also has no preservatives and significantly lower butterfat content (less calories!), so it is healthier than the typical American ice-cream; what better reason to indulge on these cool treats?

Ci Gusta gelato displayCi Gusta gelato display 2

The gelato counter at Ci Gusta!, which can display up to 18 flavours at any one time

Ambience: Ci Gusta!’s white with turquoise interiors are cheery and easy on the eyes. The air-conditioned interiors stays brightly lit on a sunny day, while remaining a cool respite from the heat. Your eyes will dart right to the attractive gelato display counter; sticking to just one or two flavours will be your main dilemma.

Don’t miss out on the pino pinguino gelato (at $3.90 for Picolo, $5.40 for Medio, $6.90 fro Grande); this smooth, creamy flavour is topped with a layer of sticky chocolate hazelnut; the latter brings to mind everything you love about Nutella. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the dark chocolate crunch gelato, which has just the right amount of sweetness.    

Ci Gusta Gelato Tenero: Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ci Gusta!'s Yoghurt TeneroCi Gusta Biscotto Gelato with Biscotti Arabeschi toppings

Ci Gusta!'s Italian frozen desserts: Salted caramel gelato tenero, yogurt tenero and the Biscotto Gelato with Biscotti Arabeschi toppings. All three desserts are priced at  $3.90 for Picolo, $5.40 for Medio, $6.90 fro Grande

The freshly-made gelati may remain the main draw but we’ve a soft spot for the tenero flavours at Ci Gusta. We simply love the salted caramel gelato tenero; the tenero’s sweet and subtly salted taste sets it apart from the average soft serve.

If you’ve ever been too greedy with your yogurt order, pick the yogurt tenero for a lighter, less rich dessert that you can easily finish and enjoy. The tenero flavour is not as thick as the typical yogurt and the characteristically sour aftertaste is also milder in this soft serve.Top your yogurt tenero with fruits for a healthier alternative.

Want a sweet caffeine kick? Try the caffettone ($4.50); a shot of Italian espresso is added to your cup of mascarpone cheese tenero or salted caramel tenero. Be warned that the brew is quite strong, so this is truly one dessert for the caffeine addicts.

Do opt for the nutty pistachio topping ($0.90 per topping); even as the brownie topping remains that popular classic, this chunky green topping gets our vote for its distinctive and crunchy flavour.

Price: Menu prices start at $2.90 for a cup of slush ice, $3.90 for a small cup of gelato, tenero or sorbet. Sweet crepes start at $8.90 for a crepe with one scoop of gelato or tenero and one topping; each additional scoop is priced at $2.50 while topping additions cost $0.90 each. Depending on the number of toppings or ice cream flavours added, a customised order could cost almost $10 and upwards.

Food review rating: 4 out of 5
The tenero flavours are pleasant surprises; if you’re keen on a lighter dessert for the day, the tenero flavours are the ones to pick. We’re certain we’ll be back for more cups of gelato and tenero at Ci Gusta!; if you’re shopping for shoes or furniture in Queenstown, why not make a visit too?

*The flavours of the week varies and are dependent on the availability of ingredients.  

Ci Gusta! is located at 370 Alexandra Road, #01-04 Anchorpoint, Singapore 159953; opening hours: 11am – 10pm daily. Visit Ci Gusta! Singapore’s Facebook page for more information: