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Should you distance yourself from your work husband?

Between the coffee runs and inside jokes, the lines can get blurred fast

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A work husband is great. He provides support in an environment that can get competitive and hostile (and where you also spend most of your day). But between the coffee runs and inside jokes, the lines can get blurred fast.

Since you spend lots of time with him, you probably also let him in on your personal life. You most likely enjoy having him around because you guys share a lot in common. But while work husbands can be comforting, they can also be dangerous.

“People that work together in a specific industry are likely to have similar interests, characteristics, education background and goals in life, [and the similarities can also] promote attraction,” says psychologist Cristina Gonzalez from Alliance Professional Counselling.


Warning Signs

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While you may find it harmless to text your work hubby about random things outside of work or even flirt with him from time to time, you could be setting yourself up for disaster if at least one of you is married.

And if you find yourself eager to hang out with him time and again, or just want to do anything that will deepen the emotional connection in general, it’s pretty obvious that you see him more than a colleague or friend.


The Danger Zone

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Whether or not you’ve thought about getting in bed with him, if you know you shouldn’t be doing certain things with your work husband, you’ve probably gone too far with him and it’s time to take a step back.

“The amount of time spent together allows intimacy to develop, making the emotional connection meaningful… And time is a basic factor to meeting one another’s psychological needs,” says Cristina. “If you work on the same projects, you share a common purpose, which can make the union very deep, too.”




Drawing The Line

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So how do you set boundaries once you feel that the emotional connection has gone too far? Besides spending less time with him (which means separate coffee breaks, lunches and post-work activities) and putting a stop to the exchange of personal information, Cristina also recommends introducing your work husband to your own husband to eliminate the secrecy.

Distancing yourself from your work husband can be hard to do. It may even feel like a breakup. But that’s how you’ll know that things did in fact go too far – and that “splitting up” with him will save you trouble in the long run.

This article was first published on CLEO