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8 tips to guide your man to better oral sex

Give him a helping hand to get you to the finish line

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Not every woman enjoys receiving oral sex but we think it could be because they haven't had mind-blowing orgasms from it yet. Your partner could be doing it wrong or you just haven't experimented enough to know what works best for you. Even if you do enjoy such sessions, let's face it, things could always be better. If you'd like to get more satisfaction when your man goes down on you, use these eight tips to help guide your man to better oral sex. If the results are rewarding for you (hello, big O!), you're welcome.


Get vocal

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Since you can't tell him to his face what he's doing right or wrong, use your voice instead. When he's doing something that's working for you, you should either moan loudly and enthusiastically or just use words to encourage him, like, “Oh yes, right there”, or “That's great, baby”. And, when it's something that does nothing for you, don't make any sounds so that he'll soon get the hint that he should move on. Faking it is only going to give him the wrong impression so don't do this if you're trying to get him to improve his technique because there's no benefit in it for you otherwise.


Do your part

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Even though it sounds like an act where your man should be doing all the work, oral sex will feel much better for you if you participate too. So don't just lie there and wait for him to get you there. Raise your hips to show him how much you're enjoying him being down there and gyrate accordingly to help him adjust himself to a position that suits you better. Giving him these subtle directions will encourage him to carry on and make you climax.


Grab his hair

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Another great way to encourage him is to grab his hair so that he knows you're really into it and it will spur him on to do a better job too. This is also an easy way to guide him, as you can move his head up or down to get him in the right position or press his head closer to you when you want more pressure at a particular spot.


Use sex toys

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It doesn't just have to be a sex act where your man uses his mouth and tongue to stimulate your vaginal area; you can also get some help with sex toys. Tell him to use a vibrator to increase stimulation on your clitoris, while his tongue explores other nearby areas. Or you could introduce other elements such as blindfolds if they turn you on.


Just tell him

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There's no need to beat around the bush (ahem), you can also opt to be direct by just telling him what you like and don't like. Don't forget that every woman is different so he might be trying things on you that worked on his previous partner so you can't really fault him for that. Communication is one of the biggest contributors to good sex so if you're talking about it, chances are you're going to be enjoying it a lot more too.  



Get up

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It'll be easier for you to climax if your hips are elevated so put a pillow under your bum next time. He'll also have easier access to your lady bits (and your g-spot) and will be willing to spend more time there as this puts less pressure on him physically, which is especially useful if he isn't very fit.


Go down on him first

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Make your sex session more exciting by declaring it 'oral sex night'. Tell him you'll go down on him first and you want him to give you his feedback every step of the way so that you'll know what he enjoys most. Then swap and let him go down on you and do the same. You're giving yourself the chance to tell him what you want but, by turning it into a fun sex session, he won't feel like you're being a schoolteacher who's constantly correcting him (unless he likes that, then go ahead and role play).


Show him

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If you've tried everything and he's still not getting any better, show him what works for you.  Masturbate in front of him if you're brave and open enough to do this. Or just point him in the right direction – literally. Lie back, spread your legs and show him which bits are most sensitive for you. Show him the type of pressure you prefer – and where – so that he'll have a first-hand (no pun intended) account of how to get you to the finish line.