Jesseca Liu spills the most romantic thing her husband has done for her

The actress and businesswoman also lets us in on why she is willing to risk her life to become a mum

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Born and raised in Langkawi, Jesseca is one of Mediacorp’s Seven Princesses – a bevy of young actresses who rose to fame in the early 2000s, which includes Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Joanne Peh and Felicia Chin. A former beauty queen and model, Jesseca was talent-scouted by a Mediacorp producer in 2004, who offered her a role in popular swimming drama The Champion.

The rest, as they say, is history: Jesseca went on to win Most Popular Newcomer at the 2005 Star Awards for her role in family drama Portrait Of Home, and starred in hit series like Secrets For Sale, The Oath and feature film Lost And Found, opposite Taiwanese stars Xiao Xiao Bin and James Wen. An ambassador for Mazda and homegrown beauty brand Estetica, she also stars in this month’s Channel 8 psychological drama Mind Matters, where she plays a tailor who is obsessed with cleanliness.

Here’s what we learned about Jesseca’s plans for her first Chinese New Year as a newlywed, why she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, and why she’s changed her mind about having babies. 


Jesseca laughed at her husband on their honeymoon after he got bird poop on his head

Fresh from her honeymoon to Europe, where she and fellow actor husband Jeremy Chan traversed Italy, Spain and Portugal, Jesseca said that a bird unexpectedly pooped on Jeremy’s head, just as they were contemplating whether to enter a restaurant in Florence.

“It was so funny because a huge flock of birds flew by suddenly, and before we knew it, there were bird droppings on Jeremy’s head,” Jesseca recalls with a chuckle. “Of course I had to laugh before helping him clean up!”


She jokes that her husband used to be "more romantic"

It’s clear that Jesseca is deeply in love – she married Jeremy in her hometown of Langkawi last July after a three-year courtship, and the couple has a rock-solid bond, though she jibes that Jeremy was “actually more romantic before we got married”.

“Once, he took me on a romantic date where we had a candlelit dinner on a rooftop, and he also proposed to me near a beautiful temple in Japan, overlooking a cliff – it was so beautiful, and he presented me with a cake with a ring on top. Nowadays, I don’t get that kind of treatment,” she jokes.

“To be fair, we’ve both been busy filming since we were married, so we didn’t always get to spend lots of quality time together aside from the honeymoon.”