Chloë Sevigny says her clothing collaborations are always “a bit dorky”.

The model-and-actress has teamed up with store Opening Ceremony on several lines, including a reworking of Vision Street Wear.

She was on hand to celebrate the opening of the company’s first shop in London, UK, this week, during which she discussed what caused her to work with Vision.

“My collections are always a bit off. They're always a bit dorky. The [recent] collaboration with Vision, which was a not-very-cool street wear brand, came about because I remember when I was a teenager my brother was a skater and he used to wear Vision. I wanted to hang out with all his hot skate-boarding friends, so I was thinking, 'What ever happened to Vision?’” she laughed, according to British newspaper The Telegraph.

Opening Ceremony founders and Kenzo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon enjoy working with Chloë a great deal. They feel she epitomises their brand with her blend of funky but fashionable style, with Chloë just as glowing about them.

“We were acquaintances - we always bumped into each other on the dance floor when we were a little messy… I said that if I ever did do a line, I would want to do it with Opening Ceremony. Sometimes I wear Opening Ceremony head to toe - it happens all the time, in fact, and I'll send Carol and Humberto a text. People asked me why I did it [the line] - it's because I wanna frickin' wear it,” she laughed. - COVER MEDIA