This Autumn 2017, PANDORA reminds us to do just that – DO see the wonderful things we accomplish each day, and celebrate them

Life's difficult enough as it is – most women wear multiple hats as mother, daughter, sister, friend, career woman and many more. When you look around you or scroll through your Instagram feed, you might find yourself in awe of how well other women juggle their many roles. And sometimes, that's all the reminder you need that you're doing just as well. After all, 80 per cent* of women across the world say they are inspired by pictures of other women's little successes.

Some of the milestones celebrated might not seem like much: an act of kindness to a random stranger, being the bigger person in an ugly office showdown,  seeing your child through yet another one of those temper tantrums... but they’re all testaments to your strength, resilience, and commitment to keep doing it all well.


An elegant combination of heart-shaped cut-outs and metallic hues.


Classy lines and shapes that will never go out of fashion.


Another great way to remember the importance of what you do every day is to wear little tokens to remind you to smile and soldier on.

Pandora has the answer: Its Hearts of Pandora and Geometric Glow charms, both part of the brand’s Fall collection, make the perfect wearable "smile-stones" that you can keep in sight, whatever you're busy with.

Inspired by the classic Pandora heart, the latest additions to the Hearts of Pandora series feature intricate pieces in sterling silver, Pandora Rose and 14K
gold. Some of the new charms showcase enamel in metallic hues with sparkling touches applied by hand to sterling silver.

Or, opt for the Geometric Glow series, where geometry is reinterpreted into pieces with classic appeal, and crafted in sterling silver paired with the brilliance of zirconia.


Giving you more style options for wearing your little memory-joggers is the cuff-style Moments Open bangle, which you can add precious charms to. Choose from a variety of interchangeable stoppers for each end, in polished silver or glittering pave. Also new to the range is the Moments Smooth Pandora Rose Clasp bracelet.

Visit or a Pandora store near you for more ways to recognise and inspire everyday heroines like yourself.

*According to a global study by Pandora, which interviewed over 7,000 women across eight countries.


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