You should forget these 5 outdated fashion rules now!

As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. Don’t let these silly rules get in the way of your personal style!

Here at herworldPLUS, we’re constantly sharing tips, tricks and rules about fashion and style because we want to help you ladies look your best every single day.

Having said that, these “rules” are never meant to govern what you can wear, when and with what. Apart from celebrating individuality, we also embrace creativity and a sense of adventure! After all, that is the only way to cultivate true personal style.

Image: herworldPLUS

As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. Here are five outdated fashion rules that you should toss out of the closet:

Outdated rule #1: You must wear heels when you wear long dresses and skirts
It seems like it has been ingrained into our psyche that no matter our height, we should always be in heels to elongate our legs to look taller and slimmer. Well ladies, we say you should wear whatever you feel good in, because that’s when you truly look the best.

Outdated rule #2: Match your handbags with your shoes
This is a 1950s-era rule that is probably the most passe one of them all. While there’s nothing wrong with toting a bag that’s rendered in a colour that’s complementary to your shoes, you certainly should not be actively seeking to match them. Sometimes, when you go too matchy matchy, it backfires and you end up looking dated. A good mix of colours will elevate and freshen up your outfit.

Outdated rule #3: Never mix silver and gold accessories
Personally, I am quite OCD when it comes to mixing my metals. It terrifies me whenever I see people stacking gold, silver and even rose gold all in one outfit. However, in recent years, I’ve seen many stylish renditions of mixed metals that has dramatically changed my perception. I realised that the key to making it work is to make it look deliberate, as opposed to haphazardly stacking them on. Also, case in point: Always be open to new styles! You might end up liking them.

Outdated rule #4: Don’t mix prints and patterns
Mixing prints and patterns is indeed a tricky business, but if you are able to find a right balance, this may turn out to be the easiest way to amp up your style and look put together and polished in a matter of seconds! If you are unsure of what prints to start with, find out what are the seven most recommended prints from us that you can try working with here!

Outdated rule #5: You must dress for your body type
While we have rolled out plenty of body type-related stories, they only serve as a general guideline for ladies who are trying to figure out the best styles for themselves. However, you have to always remember that no matter your body shape, it’s more important to wear the things that you feel good in. If you are “pear-shaped” and manage to find a pair of slim-fitting pants that shows off your curves beautifully, go ahead and rock the look! There are no “good” and “bad” parts about your body, only those you are most confident about.