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Here’s our top tips on how (and why) you should ensure your bra is the right fit for your body

Whilst purchasing the new season’s must-haves is all well and good, having the wrong lingerie on will play a huge part in your final OOTD

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Listen up ladies! The most important item in your wardrobe isn't the ever-faithful LBD, or the pair of Gucci mules you so ambivalently splurged on while convincing yourself they’ll last forever (guilty as charged). The building block of every woman's perfect wardrobe is in fact, her lingerie.


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Wearing an ill-fitting bra, albeit too big or too small, will misshapen your natural curves. Either you’ll spill out over the top and sides, or you’ll not fill it properly and it will gape wide open at the top.

But when you've got the right bra on, it makes all the difference to your chest and body shape on the whole. Your figure will be more defined, your breasts will be held and supported short, you'll look and feel a billion dollars, regardless of what you're wearing over the top. Even though we know the basic rules with our lingerie, it's not uncommon to sport the wrong-sized bra. According to a 2008 survey conducted by Triumph, 80%  of women wore bras that were too small for them, while 10% wore bras that were too large. It's a shame, considering how we could have all been flaunting a jaw-droppingly perky bust this whole time. But instead, we've needlessly suffered through underwire pinchings and the gradual 'Mighty Fall' of a strapless bra.

But with the help of these 3 ensuing tips, we'll never go back to those painful bras - and neither will you. Fingers crossed.


1. Get professionally fitted
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The first step to reaching daily lingerie comfort goals is of course, knowing your actual size and buying appropriately.  Are you still a 32B? When was the last time you even got measured?

To ensure you are always wearing the right fit, it’s important to get regular measurements - particularly yearly. Our bodies are ever-changing (darn you CNY blow out and summer all-inclusive holiday), hence why you need a professional bra fitting in order to determine your cup size accurately. You'll be able to get an expert bra fitting service at any Marks and Spencer's lingerie section, completely complimentary too! So you’ve got no excuse not to pop down.



In fact, Marks and Spencer has in-store specialists to assist in finding the perfect fit for you free of charge with no minimum spending required. Simply head down to the M&S stores and get a fitting - the dark days of ill-fitting bras will then be behind you for good.


2. Wear the correct bra size


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Don't ignore the telltale signs that you're wearing the wrong bra size. In order to access if you've got the right fit of bra on, ask yourself these questions:

- Is your underwire sitting away from your chest wall?

- Are your breasts overflowing the top, bottom, or sides of your cups?

- Are your straps digging into your shoulders?

- Is the back of your band riding up to reveal or create unappealing back fat?

If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then you've got a case of an ill-fitting cup size or band size which needs to be rectified immediately.



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Many breast-related horrors can be attributed to wearing the wrong bra. For instance, bras can alter the shape of your breasts over time if it does not fit well. Your breasts are easily moldable and thus, can be disfigured by the continuous pressure and squeezing your too-tight bra puts them through almost on a daily basis.

Although sagging is unavoidable with age, you can actually keep drooping breasts at bay for a longer time should you wear a bra that is your perfect match. A tight bra slackens your muscles while a cup that's too large will cause your breasts to become loose and flabby.
We have yet to mention the best perk (pun intended) yet in donning the right bra - the cleavage. Cups that are too large will cover the entire breast while cups that are too small will squeeze the breasts and close up the cleavage. When the breasts are given the right support, the valley in between your breasts will be sculpted and framed in a cleavage-enhancing manner.


3. Wear the right bra to match your outfit


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The right cup and bust size aren't the only important factors when it comes to choosing a bra. Having a variety of bra styles means you can dress your chest best to suit the occasion and your outfit.


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For instance, if you're wearing a knitted or clingy piece of clothing such as a white t-shirt, opt for a seamless contour bra so that the straps and bumps don't stick up through the fabric. A demi bra is ideal for lifting up the twins while remaining hidden under lower, scoop neck tops. For a more detailed guide on finding the perfect style of bra to suit your outfit best, refer to our Busy Girl's Complete Guide to Bras.

However, if you're one to value a more straightforward one-bra-suits-all alternative, look to Marks and Spencer's Multi-Way bra to take your lingerie game to the next level. The bra's multi-position tape, lower back converter and detachable clear straps allows us to wear it in 100 different ways to match any silhouette of outfit under the sun. From cross back to halterneck, this bra keeps you covered for every single style option possible.



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