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This new service allows you to customise and collect your bag on the same day

Coach delivers part 3 of its customisation programme: Coach Create

Photo: Coach


In October 2017, Coach launched a programme to take customisation of its bags to three levels. The first, Accessorise It, lets you change the charms and straps of the Rogue and the Swagger; the second, Personalise It, offers embossing of initials on a hangtag.


Photo: Coach


Customise It, the third, is the most extensive: Pick a bag from a selected range (such as Dinky or Swagger), the kind and number of embellishments (Coach’s signature tea rose appliques, souvenir pins, and metal rivets), and where you want them.


Photo: Coach


The best part: Your customised product will be ready in 30 minutes - about as much time as you’d take to finish a large Starbucks Caffe Latte.


Click through the gallery below to see nine possible ways you can personalise your Coach:

This story first appeared in the February 2018 issue of Her World.