Pastel pink is the new black – and here’s how to wear it

This sweet shade that straddles dusty rose and classic cream is actually very refreshing and flattering on just about every skin tone. Feeling apprehensive? Hear us out and see how these trendsetters are rocking the hue

In the world of fashion, pink is probably the most divisive colour. On one hand, we have pink devotees who only wear pink; on the other, we have women who vehemently proclaim that they will never wear the “girly” shade in public (read: yours truly). 

However, in recent months I’ve found myself gravitating towards this feminine colour and wound up with a couple of pastel pink pieces in my wardrobe – I just couldn’t help myself! 

Yup, it turns out that Hannibal Lecter from the The Silence of the Lambs movie couldn’t be more right. He was famously quoted saying, “We begin by coveting what we see every day.”

Indeed, come to think about it, the Pantone colour of the year was a soft rosy pink, after all.  Accordingly, designers have been rolling out pink pieces on the runways – even Carine Roitfeld, the icon of tough rock chic herself, included a couple of pink staples in her most recent collaboration with Uniqlo!

Ladies, if you have shunned this colour for most of your life, take a leap of faith and try it on for size. You’ll soon realise that this is actually the easiest colour to style with anything you own, no matter where you're headed. 

Here are some ways on how you can nail this colour trend effortlessly. 

1. Show a little bit of skin and jazz it up with some quirky prints. 

2. Incorporate some on-trend elements like statement sleeves 

3. Pair it with a loud contrasting colour

4.Skip feminine shoe styles and go for a pair of metallic sneakers

5. Masculine silhouettes can help balance the feminity of the colour

6. Embrace athleisure and go for an on-trend one-piece knit dress

7. Go tone on tone 

7. Throw on an edgy black leather jacket

8. If you don't want to feel over the top. mix in some prints

9. Refresh your usual black, tough and edgy jacket with a pink one

10. If you are travelling to somewhere cold, a pink coat is the easiest way to work this colour into your outfits

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