Here's 10 fashionable ways to wear Spring colours to lift up your mood!

Here’s how you can trick your mind into happiness with Colour Psychology


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It’s Spring time and while I know that we do not have Spring in Singapore, it doesn’t hurt a little to start dressing up for the season. Why, you ask? Because it’s fun and you don’t need a real reason to dress up do you. But if you really want a concrete reasoning from me, there’s this magical thing about Spring colours - they lift up your mood! So when you feel good, you look good.


No really, they do! I’m not making this up, maybe the magical part - yes. The real reason behind it is… Colour Psychology.



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So what exactly has colour got to do with how we feel? Simple. Certain shades evoke different emotions, influencing your physical and mental state of mind. Crazy, right?


Your Colour Knowledge...



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Here is a list of Pantone’s colour for Spring 2017, and aren’t they just absolutely lovely!? While I’d love to speak about each colour in detail and how to wear them, but god forbid me so, lest I sound too dreary. So all I’m going to do is to briefly touch on yellow, orange, blue and green because Spring is in season!




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When we think of Spring, we think of the first signs of life that blooms and the subtle floral scent that perfumes the air. It comes at no surprise that yellow and orange are naturally associated with Spring due to their vibrant characteristic. Whilst blue is the colour of the clear sky and green symbolises the growth of leaves. So you can safely say that these four colours will always be the primary colours of Spring, regardless the year we are in.


Colour in your Wardrobe…



Topshop Unique, Floral Fatale Silk Jacquard Dress, $214 from Net-a-porter


So let’s get started on yellow. It’s exuberant and instantaneously brightens up any space, let alone a person. Wearing this colour more will trick your mind into thinking you’re happier, leading you to laugh more. When you’re such a cheery person, it is hard for the people around you to not catch on!


So what are you waiting for? We recommend this bright yellow dress from Topshop Unique, pair it with a tee and chunky chelsea boots and set out to put smiles on others’ faces! Psst, put on a pair of drop down earrings to give that added edge to your entire outfit.




ASOS, Petite halter backless wrap mini dress, $46.65


Or put on this crazy cute and casual mini dress for that picnic outing you’ve got on this weekend!



ASOS, All over embellished crop top maxi dress, $179.48


So next on the list is orange, which steers you energetically towards happiness and excitement. So go put on this flowy maxi dress and paint the town red.


There is an underlying sophistication to the colour and while you don’t want to look like a giant walking clash of colours, there are other ways to slyly incorporate orange into the outfit if you’re not wearing a striking orange outfit. Like, accessorising!




ASOS, Tailored crepe suit with collar detail in ice blue, $80.24


Too much warmth in the outfit might appear too gaudy, frustrating you from the intensity. So the trick is to introduce some cooler tones into the outfit - blue and green. Blue calms you down and gives you a clearer state of mind. So go get yourself this soft blue blazer to feel more focused!



Max Mara, Printed silk-twill jumpsuit, $992 from Net-a-porter


While green exudes an earthy feel that promotes tranquility and harmony. So what you really want is a great selection of all these colours to subtly work their magic and offset the intensity from the warm colours!



Dolce & Gabbana, Sicily medium printed textured leather tote, $1,578 from Net-a-porter


Do not limit yourself to just clothings - accessorise yourself with these vibrant colours because there is so much to choose from. We’re talking handbags, earrings, pouches and even phone cases! Just remember not to go too wild with a thousand prints all over, keep at least one article plain. You’re good to go infect others with your happiness ;)




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By Terry, Baume De Rose Nutri Couleur - Mandarina Pulp, $49 from Net-a-porter

Simply wear an orange blush or lipstick for that added pop of colour, like pony right here! We highly recommend By Terry’s lip cream pigment that can be built on other colours or on it’s own for a subtle mandarin glow.



Prada, Printed textured iPhone 6 case, $183 from Net-a-porter


You’re so connected with your phone, you use it to text people, check social media, book movie tickets and many more. Bottomline is, you face your phone so often, so having this cheery phone cover on it will definitely boost your spirit even more, fashionably so!




Anya Hindmarch, Georgiana Giant Pixels leather pouch, $1,188 from Net-a-porter


If you’re not ready to wear too many colours because you know, monochrome is your thing. Or you snoozed one too many times and don’t have the luxury to pick out your outfit, here are some eclectic pouches you could carry just to add that bit of colour into your outfit and life. Trust me, you’ll be a happier person.



Ancient Greek Sandals, Ikaria rubber wing sandals, $84 from Net-a-porter


Agh, won’t you take a look at these sandals, they’re insanely adorable. There is no room for negotiation, we are checking these out of our shopping cart, pronto!