8 effortless tips on how to transform your office wear to date night ready

Skip the journey home to change with these tips because, you know, time is money

There’s really nothing quite like the luxury of not having to head home to change for a night out, especially if it’s a first date and what not. We feel you and absolutely hate the panicking that comes with time constraint, it just doesn’t go hand-in-hand with deciding on an outfit that looks adorable without trying too hard but still a head-turner. So here’s the deal, 8 easy and effortless tips that can help transform your office outfit to a date night-ready one. Can you imagine? Pure bliss.You’re welcome.


Little Black Dress



BCBGeneration, Black sleeveless mini dress, $179.48 from ASOS


We all need a little black dress at the very least, it’s the go-to whenever you’re running late or out of ideas. Or just plain lazy because there’s only one decision to be made (hah). The best part of it all is how versatile the dress can be - it’s appropriate for work and meetings when worn with a blazer and great for dates when pimped up with a few other accessories.. So yes, go for a little black dress as your base if you’re unsure of where to start.


Boyfriend blazer



ASOS, Premium clean tailored suit in light grey, $95.02


Don’t succumb to the boring ol’ form fitting blazers unless you want to look like every other lady in office wear down by the Central Business District. Instead, switch it all up with a slouchy and more stylized boyfriend blazer. Instantly, you’re feminine-meets-masculine sort of chic and don’t mind if we do, we suggest this with the little black dress. If your horoscope tells you that you should be more adventurous for your love life, choose a pastel-coloured, patterned jacquard blazer or a cape sleeve blazer to go with it. You only live once.


Small Square Scarf



Silken Favours, Printed silk satin scarf, $173 from Net-a-porter


It’s really annoying when you scroll through your Instagram feed and see tons of amazing outfits from instagramers overseas, particularly from cold countries. All you can do is gush over how good and effortless they look with a scarf casually hanging around their necks, with nice fur coats just bringing all of that together. Faux fur of course, we aren’t promoting animal cruelty here.  We sympathise but let’s look on the bright side of life, we can parade around with shorts whenever and we can still don a small square scarf around our necks. With that sorted out, you could add some femininity and class to the entire outfit.


Change up your hairdo



ASOS, Pack of 10 white rose hair clips, $16.89


The simple act of just tying your hair up in a ponytail is going to do wonders to your overall look, let alone adding all of that cute white rose hair clips into the bundle. But if you’re really not into the whole angelic look, you can bun all of your mane up and pair that with the square scarf tied around your neck, adding sophistication to your outfit because he doesn’t need to know you’re really a sloppy girl on the first date.





Instagram: @urbandecaycosmetics


While this is a no-brainer, it doesn’t kill to have a gentle reminder. Bring an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and a darker shade of lipstick. Smother your date with smoky eyes that you can create from the palette, like Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Create a dramatic winged liner in line with the crease of your eyes, and finish that off by changing to a darker red lipstick.


If you want to go the extra mile, use the lighter and shimmery pearl eyeshadow shades for a stand-in highlighter and a darker brown eyeshadow for a stand-in contour shade. Slay, now.



Mango, Beadstone Necklace, $55.90


Agh, we can’t stress enough the importance of a statement necklace. You could wear a simple frock or plain dress but a statement necklace is going to bring you places, places where chic and really are. So you know what to do, but word of advice, keep the outfit simple if you’re wearing a statement necklace as you don’t want to end up looking like a walking christmas tree.





Mango, Quartz earrings, $19.90


If necklaces are weighing your neck down and you’re really an earring kinda person, keep on trend and go for a gem earring or a drop down earring. Tuck one side of your hair behind your ear, cheekily, and display some coy feminine charm. Or head for the ‘super fun’ option of pom pom earrings, they’re sopopular right now we want some for ourselves.




Dinosaur Designs, Orchid gold tone bangle, $427 from Net-a-porter

The last time we heard larger than life was when Backstreet Boys were still around but put on some  larger-than-life bangles to accessorise your day outfit for the night. They suggest that you’re a fun and outgoing person who isn’t afraid to express yourself. Just be careful to not make clunking noises the whole night with your chunky arm candies.