Listen, we understand that on paper, the Eurovision Song Contest is just that - a song contest. HOWEVER, we also know that people rarely tune in to find new tune downloads, but more for the horrendously epic ensembles the entrants wear on stage.

So, we nestled into the sofa with popcorn and bevvies, waiting to rejoice at what would grace the stage.

Oh how disappointed we were. 

Lest we not forget, Ukraine really raised the bar back in 2007 with this epic offering:

Whilst we're pretty sure nobody can top this - not even a bearded female (we heart you Conchita), we did expect a country to at least give it a darn good go.

But it seems that, a decade on from our favourite look, 2017 was the year Eurovision took a classy, sophisticated and 'normal' fashion turn. The men wore suits that could pass as decent office attire and the women wore gowns that, quite frankly, we would happily wear to an event.

One word for this: outraged. 

So, let's begin with the winner. Erm, he's just a bloke in a black suit. We were so disappointed...



The ensembles continued in similar fashion (pun intended) and we've not got much to say about any of them. Meh. See below for yourselves (we only selected a few, because they're all pretty boring anyway) and lets all pray 2018 will see the rise of the crazy costume once again.




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