Emma Stone hated bikini scene

Actress Emma Stone had her body insecurities as a teen; she recalls an awkward bikini scene here

Emma Stone hated bikini scenesSvelte star Emma Stone confessed that she suffers from occasional moments of insecurity about her body.

Emma recalled an incident that took place when she was 16 that involved her stripping off for a role in a family beach scene for a movie she was shooting. The modest 24-year-old explained how she found the experience particularly traumatic back then.

“Everybody has parts of their body that they dislike, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over them,” Emma confessed.

“[About the beach scene] we had to line up in bikinis in front of a bunch of middle-aged men, which was the worst. I literally had the body of a ten-year-old back then .

But the most horrific thing was that I wasn’t acting: I was just standing there in a bikini. I assume that’s what Bar Refaeli feels like, but then I’m not a Sports Illustrated supermodel.”

Recently, the actress was featured on the cover of Vogue’s Best Dressed issue for 2012.

Emma insists that the wardrobe hits she has flaunted on the red carpet are nothing to do with her, and should be credited to her stylist Petra Flannery instead.

“That was hilarious. I mean, I have a stylist [Petra Flannery], and she’s the voice of reason behind anything I’ve worn on the red carpet over the past few years,” Emma laughed to the UK edition of Glamour magazine.

“She knows that I won’t dress like a fairy princess, wear a lot of glitter or anything that makes me look like a Victorian doll. If I could wear those things and not look like Dakota Fanning when she was eight, maybe, but I just don't look good on them.” -- COVER MEDIA