American songstress Kelly Rowland, 30, is starring as a judge on the new season of Britain’s version of The X-Factor, and has been in the spotlight for her choice of attire throughout the audition process.

The stunning singer has revealed one outfit that almost made her look too curvy.

“This was super-snug and fitted in all the right places – but I didn’t want my butt to look too big,” she said of a Versace dress she donned to one of the audition stages.

“In some of the shots I’ve seen, I’m like, ‘God! It’s almost a Nicki Minaj situation!’”

Kelly loves the style scene in London. The glamorous star treats every day like a catwalk in the British capital.

“This is why I love London – it’s so edgy,” she revealed in an interview with Grazia magazine. “You can just sit in a cafe and people-watch – it’s like a fashion show.”

Kelly likes showing flesh subtly when she dresses. The former Destiny’s Child star wore a Bass & Brooks mini dress to one of the audition stages, and says that she loved its subtle way of showing some skin.

“This fitted like a glove,” she explained. “But it was in Manchester – and girl, it was cold! “But I loved the fact that I had a little peek-a-boobie action going on!” © COVER MEDIA