Is vaginal dryness making sex painful for you? It could be because of psychological reasons or there could actually be something making you dry. Here are four causes and their respective solutions.

You're Not Aroused Enough

Your body – especially your vulva – needs a bit of time to be ready for sex and if it's not ripe for action before your man dives in, chafing and pain could result. Tell your man to slow down so that you can get properly turned on. Foreplay is key here, so take your time. But if you're both taking it slow and you still have this issue, it could be because you have a low libido or what your man is doing just doesn't turn you on. Try different positions or locations to add something new to your sex life.

You're On Medication

Birth control pills could be to blame as one of the side effects of oral contraceptives is a reduction of vaginal lubrication. If it makes you too uncomfortable to enjoy – or to even have – sex, use lots of lubricant or consider other types of contraception instead. Cold and allergy medicines are other possible culprits, as are certain types of asthma medications and anti-depressants. Once you stop taking these medicines, the dryness problem should go away too. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before discontinuing any medication.

You're Stressed

Being stressed or anxious can kill your libido, which makes it hard for you to get turned on, therefore causing vaginal dryness. If this is the case, lie back and relax – quite literally. Find out what puts your mind at ease, whether it's meditation, yoga or just talking to a trusted friend. Only when your mind is in a good place will your body be in the mood for some bedroom action.

Your Lady Bits Are Irritated

If you have sensitive skin, there are various irritants that can cause you grief down south. Many bath and body products that we use contain harsh chemicals that may dry your skin out. These include soaps, lubricants or even sanitary pads and tampons. If these are the cause of your problem, use "natural" products geared towards sensitive skin instead.

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