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We live in sexually challenging times. What was once risque is now acceptable, and what was taboo is now just risque. What does that mean for us in the bedroom? My mates now train furiously at the gym so that our cores are strong enough to lift the women during sex; and you’ve graduated from Victoria’s Secret lace to leather. 

But is it necessary? I mean, the workday is a real drain, and sometimes all we want is to cover the erogenous zones. That smile on both our faces at the end of it is the goal, right? So let’s pull back on the sexual shenanigans. Let’s accept that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze for some thrills. There’s nothing wrong with both of us lying back and enjoying the moment, instead of you having to activate major muscle groups to get on top. Let’s leave the rep-counting in the gym. 

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Sex is about having fun. And there’s nothing better than being relaxed enough to enjoy a mid-coital laugh rather than wondering if Christian Grey would approve. 

See you back at missionary - because millennial men don't seem to be that into anything else. 


Here's what they had to say: 

The 69

“I don’t see why you can’t do a 6 first, then do a 9. Doing both at the same time just makes it hard to concentrate.” – Jonathan*, 27

“It doesn’t feel that great, and it’s weird to have a butt in your line of sight.” – Terence*, 29

Shower sex

“It’s almost always uncomfortable for someone. If you’re not dealing with trying to keep the water temperature comfortable, you’re trying to keep hair and water out of your face, while trying not to slip and die.” – Kenneth*, 29



“With the girl on top, I get no control. Also, if she’s inexperienced, there’s a chance that she might bend my d**k – true story.” – Anthony*, 28

Reverse cowgirl

“Why have her face away from me and waste the view?” – Marcus*, 27

The spoon

“The side-by-side angle is awkward, which makes it difficult to enter her. It’s not worth the effort.” – Joseph*, 28



“In theory it seems fun, but in practice, having her on all fours gets pretty boring. You can’t see her boobs.” – Charles*, 25

The stand and carry

“Having to hold her up – with her arms around your neck and her legs wrapped around your torso? It’s an uphill battle to keep the engine going. Not to mention the lower-back pain.” – Raymond*, 29 


This story was first published in the June 2017 issue of Her World