Does he have a secret crush? Signs that your guy friend is actually interested in you

He could be thinking of you as more than a friend if he's behaving like this


You've known this guy for a long time, love hanging out with him and think of him as a friend – and nothing more. But does he have feelings for you? Look out for these signs to suss out the situation:

He's protective of you

When you're out in a group and anyone makes a comment that puts you down, he butts in and defends you – either by changing the subject or directly telling the person how wrong they are. He can't stand for anyone being mean to you and always has your back.

He hates every guy you date

No matter what these guys are like, your male friend always finds reasons to dislike them – and tells you why they're not worthy of you. He voices his opinion – without being asked – about the men you date and none of them are ever good enough for you. It's normal for friends to dislike people their friends date but if he's picking on things about every guy you are with, it's pretty clear he's got a thing for you.

He never talks about other women

Does he ever talk to other women or go on dates? And, if he does hook up with anyone, is he always finding something wrong with them? Unless you know for a fact that he has serious commitment issues, this could be because he doesn't want any other women and is actually waiting for you.

He listens to you

He's not just a mate you go to the cinema with or someone you enjoy catching the hottest bands with. You have proper conversations with him – about anything and everything – and he never complains about having to listen to you talk. In fact, he remembers everything you've told him and reminds you of things you've said or done every now and then.

He's always there

He cancels his plans when you're having a bad day and need a night out or always volunteers to drive you around to run errands all over the island. If he's constantly going out of his way to help you or to make you feel better, he definitely has more than friendly feelings for you.

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