Is there a loo rota? What couples need to learn about each other before your first holiday

Your couple travel fantasies could be ruined just as quickly if you aren't aware of these four things

things you should know before travelling holiday with your boyfriend girlfriend

Did you recently begin a steady relationship and are already making plans to get out of Singapore with your other half, not forever but perhaps foe a week or so? While travelling as a couple can be as romantic as you imagine it to be, those fairytale travel dreams can easily morph into frustration and rage, especially if both of you are still fairly new in each other's life.

Being excited is great, but being well prepared can make all the difference. Now, understand that a solid relationship is a mixture of love, care and - you guessed it - hard work. Before you start booking your air tickets and packing your luggage, we at recommend that you have a read about these 4 important things couples should know before travelling together.

1. Each Other's Interests

Even if you are new to the world of romantic relationships, I hope you already know that being willing and able to compromise goes a long way in keeping both people happy - and sane. Of course, it is in the interest of both parties to always be considerate.

Travelling as a couple can be great anywhere, really, but be sure to pick a holiday destination that both of you would be keen to explore so that you can engage in activities that you would both be excited to participate in. It is only fair that you take into account each other's interests since the trip is going to be for both of you!

So, no matter whether you just want to nua at unbelievable beach resorts in Malaysia or go on an oh-so-peaceful quiet getaway, make sure to check if your partner would be okay with the type of holiday you're yearning for.

You never know if your other half has been dreaming of something different, like going to romantic holiday destinations or visiting places with the most fascinating wildlife in the world with you.

2. Each Other's Spending Patterns

Let's face it, money is a touchy topic that nobody wants to chat about voluntarily on a holiday. But talking about it is a necessary evil - couples who haven't been together for long enough need to know each other's spending patterns before they can decide whether or not they should keep a pool of funds which they can use for meals, activities, transport and other holiday spending.

While you are talking things out with your partner, make sure to establish what the pooled money can and cannot be used for, how much each of you should contribute to the pooled money, etc. It is only right that you guys keep things as transparent as possible.

Before I forget, it's also important for couples to be considerate of each other's accommodation preferences, especially if both parties don't make about the same amount of money each month. You don't want to make your partner blow his or her money on 5-star hotel stays when he or she cannot afford it comfortably.


3. Each Other's Responsibilities

Who's in charge of doing what? Iron out each other's responsibilities for the well-deserved trip and stick to your role whether you'll be the one keeping all important documents safe and sound, driving, navigating, cooking or washing. It is crucial that nobody takes anyone for granted! But instead, do what you can to make each other's holiday experience a better one.

4. Each Other's Habits And Quirks

Can you only sleep in complete darkness and silence like me? My boyfriend can practically sleep anywhere, thanks to the countless outfields in NS or so he says.

Anyhow, if your partner can only sleep with a night light on but you can't, it'll do you good to pack a sleeping mask for your trip. If he or she snores and you know you don't handle noises well, save your sanity and bring a great pair of noise-cancelling ear plugs.

Spending 24/7 with a special someone for the very first time can be a nerve-racking experience for many people. If the thought scares you a tad too much, consider spending a full day together instead to test the waters first, lah.


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