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Another year, another Star Awards. If you haven’t caught up with this year’s red carpet heat, click here to see how All Time Favourite artistes like Zoe Tay, Joanne Peh, Elvin Ng and more nailed their evening looks.

Speaking of Star Awards, we can’t help but notice a new crop of fresh faces at the ceremony. For those who’ve been following the local entertainment news closely, you’ll definitely have no trouble spotting the new actors and actresses.

As for those who’ve been wondering, “Hey, who’s that cutie?” throughout the award show, consider this your cheat sheet to knowing some of the new (and new-ish) faces.

Can they step up their careers to become the new Fann Wong or Tay Ping Hui in a few years’ time? We’ll definitely be looking out for these names.  


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Fresh face 1: Richie Koh

Instagram: @richiekrq

Take a look at Richie Koh and one might think that he’s got a bit of a ‘bad boy’ look that can melt the hearts of countless female fans.

But when you scroll through his Instagram account, you’ll notice that he’s a fun-loving chap who chooses his family and pets over partying. His love for the outdoors also means he’s into soccer and swimming (hot bod alert!).  

Looks aside, the young actor made his television debut when he emerged as a runner up (along with actress Carrie Wong) at Channel U’s Hey! Gorgeous competition in 2013.

Post National Service, Koh participated in Chinese drama When Duty Calls starring Felicia Chin, Pierre Png, Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan, Shane Pow and Paige Chua.


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Fresh faces 2 and 3: Jayley Woo and Hayley Woo

Instagram: @jiaqiwoo, @hayleywoojiayi

Wide-eyed beauties Jayley Woo and Hayley Woo are bloggers-turned-actresses. The 25-year-old actresses started acting in local dramas in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Besides being twin sisters in real life, they’ve also played siblings in reel life. The duo acted in their debut movie That Girl In Pinafore in 2013, alongside Singaporean singer Daren Tan and actress Julie Tan.

Accepting her second Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes trophy at last weekend’s Star Awards 2017, Jayley delivered an emotional speech and thanked her Hayley for her support.

“Thank you, Hayley. [To those who don’t already know] I have a sister called Hayley Woo,” said Jayley. “I’m so proud of you!”

What can we say? Siblings who love each other, stay together!


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Fresh face 4: Seraph Sun

Instagram: @seraph_sun

One of 28-year-old Seraph Sun’s first acting gig was to film a two-minute car sex scene with fellow actor Shane Pow in movie Miss J Contemplates Her Choice. Naturally, it was a challenge, especially for a newcomer.

“To be intimate with a guy whom I don’t really know in front of a camera, that’s not exactly a comfortable thing,” said Sun in an interview with The New Paper.

Since then, the sociology graduate from National University of Singapore has been spotted on dramas such as Mata Mata 3, Hand In Hand and Dream Coder. The Star Awards 2015 Best Newcomer nominee was nominated in the Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes at this year’s Star Awards.

Despite not bagging the trophy, Sun is still thankful for all the support from her fans. “Thanks to all who voted for me,” she wrote on her Instagram. “It doesn’t matter that I did not get into Top 10, for I know I will always be the first in your hearts.”


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Fresh face 5: Desmond Ng

Instagram: @desmondngzl

Don’t be fooled by Desmond Ng’s boyish charms. The Singaporean getai singer, actor and host is turning 30 this year in October. His popularity skyrocketed when he won the Champion Award at Channel 8’s GeTai Challenge competition in 2015.

Since then, he’s hosted Chinese variety shows including Bengpie, Star Awards 2016 Prelude and Happy Can Already! Ng may be relatively new to the Singapore showbiz scene but he’s still earned two nominations at this year’s Star Awards. Last weekend saw him in the running for both Best Programme Host and Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes awards.

He eventually won the latter, his first-ever Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award, and took to his Instagram account to thank his fans. 

“I’ve chosen to give up on whatever I had before to begin my new journey. Thankfully, I’ve got [my fans’] support along the way. I’m grateful for having all of you. This award isn’t just for me; it belongs to all my supporters too.”

Fresh face 6: Nick Teo

Instagram: @nickk_teo

Ladies, here’s another hottie alert! Nick Teo won a Shirtless Guy Search in 2012 so it’s no surprise he’s into fitness, basketball and sports. This means the 27-year-old actor doesn’t shy away from topless shots and gym selfies (scroll down to take a peek).

Fast forward to 2014, Teo joined the cast of local drama 118 which earned him a Star Awards Best Newcomer nomination in the following year. Acting has always been his dream.

“I think everyone has dreamt of becoming a celebrity at one point in their lives,” he shared in an iWeekly interview.

Teo may look like a tough guy but if you think that he’s too cool to be a crybaby, think again.

“I cry a lot,” he confessed to iWeekly. “I remember crying easily whenever I was scolded by my teachers in school or when I fought with my friends.”

Let’s just say we’ll choose a guy who doesn’t mind sharing the most embarrassing things about himself over someone who tries too hard to win our hearts. We’re sold!

Fresh face 7: Denise Camillia

Instagram: @denisecamillia

Just like Nick, Malaysia born actress Denise Camillia has always wanted to be an actress. “As a child, I always secretly imagined myself as an actress,” Camillia said in an interview reported by

The 25-year-old beauty queen was crowned Miss Astro in 2012 and first runner-up for Miss Chinese International Pageant in 2013. But beauty pageants aside, Camillia used to be the president of her school’s Taekwondo club. Since then, she’s always craved to become an action star.

Her dream came true when she starred in her first Hong Kong TVB action drama titled The Hiddens last year. It featured famous actors including Lawrence Ng, Michael Teo and Jessica Hsuan. She’s also recently appeared in Legal Eagles, a Malaysian-Singaporean drama starring Felicia Chin, Zhang Zhenhuan and Hong Huifang. Here’s hoping that we see more of Camillia in the near future!


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Fresh face 8: Hong Ling, also known as Somaline Ang

Instagram: @honglingg

According to a Straits Times interview, 23-year-old Hong Ling describes herself as “very, very shy”. Which was why she only joined Channel U’s Hey! Gorgeous reality show in 2013 after the television crew persuaded her to do so.

Fast forward to today, she’s made several tv and web drama series appearances. They include 118, The Dream Job and I Want To Be A Star. This year marks her first Star Awards 2017 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes nomination and even though she went home empty handed, Hong still feels very blessed.

“Although I didn’t get into Top 10, I’m really happy and I feel blessed to have angels in my life,” she shared on her Instagram.

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