Kate Pang welcomes baby girl Avery on hubby Andie Chen's birthday!

It was a double celebration in the Chen household as the celebrity couple received their newborn daughter at the same time as Andie Chen marked his birthday

It was a double celebration for local celebrity couple Kate Pang and Andie Chen on Thursday morning (June 16) as they welcomed a baby girl on Chen's 31st birthday. 

Their newborn daughter, whom they have named Avery, was born at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. She weighs 3.65kgs. The couple also have a two-year-old son, Aden.  

In their interview with Toggle, the couple revealed that they decided on the name Avery after actress Rui En told Chen of the name. "Rui En told me she intends to name her kid Avery in (the) future. I went to search for more names but decided that Avery's the best fit," Chen said. 

He added: "She jokingly called me a sly person, when I told her of my plans to name my daughter Avery too."

The popular celeb couple had shared their anticipation of having another child after Pang suffered a miscarriage last April. Channel NewsAsia also reported Pang, a 33-year-old Taiwanese actress and host, was eagerly awaiting her daughter because "Andie has two brothers and there's just too much testosterone (in the family)". 

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