Ady An gets hitched to businessman Chen Rong Lian

The Taiwanese actress registered her marriage with Macau businessman Chen Rong Lian (both above) in Taipei and will hold ceremonies in June

Photo: Ady An / Weibo

Taiwanese TV starlet Ady An registered her marriage with Macau businessman Chen Rong Lian in Taipei on Wednesday.

An, 36, wrote on Weibo the same day: "1,230 days ago, you stumbled into my world via the Anywhere Door. I spent 810 days to get to know you; who knew I would be subdued by you. Okay then, I will accompany you, eat with you, play with you till both of us grow old... The eternally young Mr Doraemon, please take care of your Mrs Chen in the future."

Doraemon is a robot cat from a Japanese comic book. In the series, the Anywhere Door lets users travel to any location they desire.

Apple Daily reporters spotted the couple registering their marriage on Wednesday.

The star of Autumn's Concerto (2009) has been dating multi- millionaire Chen, 40, for two years.

Her manager told Apple that An was on an overseas work trip last November when her beau surprised her by turning up and proposing with a ring fashioned out of a champagne wire cage.

The lovebirds now sport custom-made rings by Taiwanese jewellery-maker Cindy Chao.

Apple added that the couple will be heading to Macau to register their marriage and will hold ceremonies in June in Hawaii and Taiwan.

This story first appeared on The Straits Times on March 18, 2017.