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The beauty world gets a buzz whenever there’s a new trend but do you know that most of the time, it is about re-creating classical methods of makeup applications and branding them as a new trend. Here are a few that you may have missed and may want to try them for yourself. Who knows you may even create a new trend in the midst?



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This one started way back in the 60s’ by renowned makeup artist Way Bandy who’s worked on celebrities like Farrah Fawcett and Cher. He wanted fans of makeup to learn how to sculpt the face based on our unique features, not face shape. Draping has since made a comeback last year when Marc Jacobs launched their Air Blush palettes. In a nutshell, draping is basically contouring using blusher to give your face a more sculpted glow. The result is definitely a fresher approach to facial definition.



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Consider this a more dramatic version of strobing. It is a technique by makeup artist Dominic Skinner who uses lipstick as the skin’s reflector for that out-of-this-world glow. The idea came about two years ago when he saw a car covered in a metallic chrome. “I couldn’t take my eyes off the reflections that bounced off its surface. I had to figure out how to do that on a face.” The result was frosted lipstick. Before applying the lipstick, he recommends a hand selfie so you can see how the shade will look in photos to better determine whether or not the colour is flattering on your skin tone. Draw it straight across your cheekbones, from your temples down to the middle of the apples and then sweep a contouring brush up and down your cheeks until the edges disappear into the skin.


Invisible Liner

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This trend is not for the faint hearted. Also known as the floating liner – where the black wing eyeliner is usually drawn, it appears bare like it has been photoshopped out, with perfectly blended colours on the entire eyelid. The credit for this goes to Stacey McDonald, a professional makeup based in the UK. It was an “accidental” trend that happened while she was teaching a class. “It was actually meant to be triple winged liner,” she says. But when she removed the tape, it looked so incredible that she decided to give that look a name. She originally called it no-liner winged liner. Then, it became invisible liner. Ermm…


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Out of all the facial contouring trends, this one is the most sought after for obvious reasons. It is a softer, more natural approach to facial contouring. The focus is on the subtle highlights rather than the shadowing of the cheeks. There’s a glow that looks like it’s lit from within (which everybody wants), sans the super definition often seen on Kardashian. Think of it as more dewy like K-Beauty glow. All you need are illuminating primers, BB makeup and shimmer highlighters.


Becca First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh

Photo: Becca

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base​

Photo: Chanel

Erborian Glow Creme

Photo: Erborian

Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette​

Photo: Kat Von D

LANEIGE Water Glow Base Corrector


M.A.C Strobe Cream​

Photo: M.A.C

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush in Kink & Kisses​

Photo: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

Photo: Marc Jacobs

NARS Illuminator in Copacabana​

Photo: NARS

Tarte Tarteist PRO Glow-To-Go Amazonian Clay Palette​

Photo: Tarte

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer​

Photo: Urban Decay

Zoeva Strobe Gel​

Photo: Zoeva

This story was originally published on CLEO, 21 June, 2017.

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