WATCH VIDEO: This clever beauty trick gets rid of dark circles and eye-bags instantly!

Sick of strangers commenting on how tired you look? Here’s a brilliant eye bag-busting hack that takes virtually no time to take effect – 20 seconds or less, by my count!

Image illustration: Sharmaine Khor

Tried everything and the kitchen sink to hide and heal unsightly undereye bags? The whys and wherefores of puffy peepers are vexing and varied: Anything from allergies and alcohol to food and fatigue can cause swollen eyes.

Happily, almost any sort of swelling can be readily rectified with a little elbow grease and effort on your part. Crucial caveat, though: If your eyebags are due to an excess of fatty undereye deposits; that is, if you were basically “born” with baggy eyes, this enterprise is essentially useless. Sorry! Right, let’s get straight to it, shall we:

The quick trick to depuffing eyebags

Use your middle or ring finger to tap on the tender tissue directly under the eye, starting from the inner corner and tracing an arc under your lower lash line and up to your brow bone so that you end up back at the inner corners.

Repeat this circular tapping motion several times to free up accumulated fluid lodged under your eye; all told, the entire shebang should take no more than three minutes, tops.

Pro tip: Be sure to focus on the pressure points at the brow bone as well as on the inner and outer eye corners, which are the key areas for the drainage of toxins.

The even quicker trick to depuffing eyebags

Can’t spare the extra minute in the morning? A rollerball applicator makes for a fab quick fix that both maximises microcirculation and irons out any lumps and bumps.

Other tools in my anti-aging arsenal? Try this purse-friendly DIY hack: Rinse out the applicator when the product proper has run its course, and stash for use as a massage tool with eye creams that don’t come with their own de-puffing device. Ingenious, yes?

I trust this has been an enlightening exercise. Here’s to “smoother” days ahead!

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