How to style your fringe Dita von TeeseThere are plenty of benefits to having a fringe, but when it’s at that pesky in-between stage, there’s very little you can do to style it.

It might have looked great for the first week, but now all you want to do is pick up your scissors and cut it yourself.

“I have so many clients regretting going for the short fringe. While a model has the time and the means to trim the fringe every other week – not to mention most of the time it gets done by default by stylist at shoots and shows – normal people often regret going for this high-maintenance cut,” says celebrity hair stylist Elisabet Mazic.

The problem is not the style itself, the problem is that it has to be carefully maintained in order to look fashionable and not become hippie-ish or scruffy.

You want the look of a perfectly groomed runway model, not that of an old English sheepdog.

So what to do if your locks have already fallen for the trend and the hairdresser’s sharp scissors? Go to celebrities for inspiration.

“Take a cue from fashion-forward women like Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry, or look even further, back to retro style icons as Bettie Page and Fifties pin-up girls,” says Mazik.

“They have discovered a way to style the mid-length fringe into a shorter, curled style that won’t obstruct their vision while still looking polished and trendy. Dior did the same style just a season ago!”

To curl your fringe inwards, use a heat-protecting spray, a curling iron and finish off with a generous amount of hairspray. © COVER MEDIA