Liv Tyler
With her lustrous hair and dreamy skin, it’s no surprise Liv Tyler has become something of a beauty icon.

In an interview with this month’s Red magazine, the stunning actress reveals what goes into maintaining her flawless beauty style.

“My skincare is a bit haphazard. I chop and change and try lots of different products but I can tell quickly if I’ll be going back to something or not. I tend to stick to the type of products I know I like. Exfoliators and body scrubs are favourites and I’m a huge fan of face masks. I love the muddy tingly ones that tighten your pores. Small pores seem to be the key to glowing skin.”

“I love having my makeup done, but when it’s just me I concentrate on really beautiful skin. I use a tiny lipstick brush and concealer to cover blemishes and add a little base and powder. I think that looks really fresh if you curl your lashes, as well. I also love sheer gel blush, coral lipsticks and eye pencils in charcoal, brown and deep purple.”

“Having my hair styled makes me feel prettier and more confident, but for every day I just rough dry it, part it down the middle and twist the two sides. It means I can let my hair dry naturally, but still get a nice shape. I also love a low ponytail or a bun – I just twist it into a quick knot.”

“I know you’re supposed to, but I never drink enough water. It’s easier when I’m at home in New York as I can get hold of loads of juices, like cucumber, watermelon and lemon with ginger. But when I’m away it tends to slip. I compensate by adding Emergen-C sachets to the water I do drink. They’re a great little boost.” © Cover Media