#1: Shiseido Advanced Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel, $73 for 200ml

This light, cooling body gel refines body contours while leaving skin feeling firm and moisturised. Its uplifting fragrance and unique Sculpting Plant Complex work together to activate fat breakdown, while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Formulated with effective skincare ingredients to promote the expression of Uncoupling Protein (UCP), the fat burning process occurs even without exercise. Just apply a 10-cent coin size dollop of the gel for use on the hips, abdomen and arms. For one leg, apply a 20-cent coin size dollop.



#2: Soap & Glory Sit Tight, $38 for 200ml

If you’re desk bound most of the day, this lower body firming formula is for you. Knead a generous amount of this minty, eucalyptus-smelling cream on your bottom and thighs each morning and let it absorb for at least 30 seconds. You’ll feel a slight heating sensation, but don’t worry, that’s just the Pressocapsular-Firm-System, which is loaded with caffeine, at work. The friction and heat generated when you sit triggers an increase in movement of the product which firms and drains fatty build-up in your lower body. All the more reason not to get up, so just Sit Tight and let it work its magic.



#3: Clarins High Definition Body Lift, $82 for 200ml

Flaunt firm and smooth skin even in the shortest shorts with Clarins High Definition Body Lift.
Be taken in by its fresh floral and citrus scent when you apply this cream to your arms, tummy and legs. High Definition Body Lift goes beyond reducing cellulite and releasing excess fat from stubborn areas, it also prevents the development of fatty tissue and the reappearance of cellulite.




#4: Bio-essence Celebrity Choice InchLoss Body Cream Extra Strength, $33.90 for 200g

Struggling to fit into that gorgeous dress in seven days? Speed things up with this high performance inch loss cream. Bio-essence’s Celebrity Choice InchLoss Body Cream Extra Strength is power-packed with twice as many firming ingredients and unique natural and bio-heat active ingredients that is said to work twice as hard to reduce stubborn fatty deposits under the skin. You’ll definitely feel the heat sensation every time you apply it to your tummy, thighs, arms or legs. We like that it also moisturises and softens skin with its rice, pineapple and ginseng extract.



#5: Bliss Fat Girl Slim, $56 for 170.5g

Bikini or not, get summer ready with Fat Girl Slim’s body contouring cream. It’s great for reducing the appearance of cellulite and it also smoothes skin. It uses QuSomes – an ingredient that helps deliver active ingredients to the epidermis, and caffeine – which minimizes the appearance of excess fluid retention. Simply massage the light cream into targeted areas for 20 to 30 seconds, twice a day for energized skin and improved body contour. For maximum effectiveness, we suggest exfoliating prior to application to prep your skin for better absorbption.



#6: Rodial Crash Diet, $180 for 150ml.

This cool clear gel is packed with natural fat-reducing extracts and peptides that have been reported to break stubborn fat and reduce fluid retention after two weeks. It smells like jasmine and effects of firming, lifting, smoothing and toning are said to be immediate. Before application, gentle exercises are recommended to warm up the body as heat contributes well to the breakdown of fats. Only for lower body use, massage the cream in with repeated upward strokes from the feet up, moving lastly to the bum.