liquid latex for nails - liquid

I love doing my own nails, but there’s always the hassle of having to go in after with cotton buds and acetone, or even a nail art brush and acetone in order to clean up the messy remnants that end up on my skin. When I first heard about this barrier for your nails, I was sold. You get less mess, plus the fun that comes from trying to peel it off in one piece!

This hack is all about a substance that when painted on the skin bordering your nails, allows you to make “mistakes” during a manicure which you can simply peel off later. Liquid latex is the most common type of product sold commercially for this purpose, but for anyone with latex allergies, there are other alternatives out there.

Some people use the real deal, others have tried variants like Elmer’s Glue instead. As long as it dries down in a reasonable amount of time and peels away easily, I’d consider it effective.

This is actually an open secret that’s quite widely used by nail artists working on deliberately messy nail art like gradient nails, chrome nails, water-marbling or stamping, as those require a lot of nail polish overrun. Take a look for yourself at how easy it is to use in the Instagram video below! It’ll make you wonder why these products aren’t more widely available for the average beauty buff like you and I.



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The product used above (Simply Peel) is one of the better ones on the market, though not available in Singapore. Fret not, we've got some great alternatives for you to try!

1. Elmers Glue, from any crafts store

2. Liquid Palisade (brand name original), approx $23, available from Carousell

3. Kasako Docai liquid latex, US$3.99, from