Video: We gave this actor a 60s-inspired makeup makeover and the results are jaw-dropping

We’re switching things up with a sexy and subversive throwback to the cabaret creatures of the night of the 60s – done up on a dapper dude, no less


Look, we’re so done with makeup normcore. We don’t mean to sound contemptuous, but slapping on some concealer and slicking on a nude gloss does not a theatrical show make.

So yes, enough no-makeup makeup, please; leave that to us regular folks. We want skin sex! We demand pulse-quickening drama!

In short, bring back the intellectual stimulation and astronomical artistry that made us fall in love with beauty in the first place …and stumble headfirst into the sepia-tinged world of wonder that was the swinging sixties.

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Here, we challenged Tropicana thespian Siti Khalijah to “zhng” up her charming co-star Mitch Lagos using the latest swag from Nars Cosmetics, and the results are … well, you’ll find out in a minute. (Hold your horses, wontcha?)

The brief: A vintage Vogue cover, so there’s lots of slinky ‘60s glamour referencing going on in the eyes – film fans may pick up on the flair of Fellini in the fabulous flick of liner. (Tropicana The Musical is set in that particular decade, in case you’re wondering. And yes – spoiler alert! – one of the characters Mitch is playing in the show will indeed be a fabulous French female impersonator.)

Game to give it a go? For starters, you’ll need a gel liner for a sweeping cat-eye swoosh that’s as exuberant as the Nike logo. Do as Siti does and start about two-thirds the way in to trace out the outer wing, tapering off the ticks into the skinniest of streaks. Now that you’ve got an outline of sorts, run it over it with a windshield wiping motion for a really robust body. And you’re done!

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As for Mitch’s scintillating smackers, all you need to cop his look is to prime your puckers with a balm as a base; trace out the edges with a creamy pencil (Siti’s using the Velvet Lip Liner in Lanikai); then finish by filling the entire lips in with a complementary colour (Velvet Lip Glide in Le Palace, in this instance). Both shades, for what it’s worth, will be familiar to “Narcissists”, being quite the fan favourites for their intoxicatingly full-bodied, flatteringly rich red undertones. Oh, and don’t be too hung up on neatness, please; you want sexily smeared puckers that border on insolence.

But enough prattling on from yours truly and witness the transformation for yourself in our video above. Pair your 60s-inspired face-paint with a sequinned top, throw on some leather leggings and you’re set for a screening of the musical. Have fun, and break a leg!