The secret to losing weight safely – and keeping the weight off

It’s not a quick-fix solution, but this weight loss programme promises to help you discover the best version of yourself

Trying to lose weight is tough and can feel like quite the uphill battle. We constantly compare ourselves to celebrities and their dramatic Instagram transformations, but the reality is that we can rarely afford the personal chefs and trainers required to keep as disciplined in our efforts every single day.

Still, weight loss journeys can be a lot more successful when we get some professional help.

Enter Singaporean entrepreneur Cheryl Wee, eldest daughter of Jean Yip (yes the owner of the Jean Yip Group), who has launched her own brand that’s dedicated to not just weight management, but wellness as well.

Here’s what you’re in for. Cheryl W offers weight and wellness programmes, body treatments, as well as take-home products that are part of a series to “ease the body” into the process of taking on a new diet, especially if you experience side effects like fatigue, bloating, breakouts and headaches when trying to start a new diet. So instead of getting discouraged, Cheryl’s take-home products are meant to alleviate those symptoms to make the weight loss journey as smooth as possible for you.

Her dedication to an all-rounded approach is of course a comforting reminder that while weight loss shouldn’t be a quick fix, it doesn’t have to be so difficult, either.

There are five ranges to choose from like Flush, Radiant, Strength, Full Again, Sparkle, depending on what your body needs or is dealing with. The Flush, Radiant and Strength series contain natural teas to help detoxify your body, give you more energy and regulate your body’s natural functions. On the other hand, the Full Again series is more of a light meal replacement, while the Ginger Champagne from the Sparkle range is a fruity and fizzy guilt-free drink that eases bloating to boot.

There are accompanying body treatments for each range to help tone, sculpt and shape your body, some of which we’ve highlighted below:

One of the key treatments available at Cheryl W is the Signature Body Flush Treatment that’s all about detoxification. Cheryl W reasons that a good detox gives your body the right foundation or starting point for you to succeed with weight loss. What it does is flush out impurities and toxic waste like heavy metals and ‘poisons’ from areas like the tummy, waist, hips and limbs.

The goal? A speedier metabolism and an improvement in your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

The process is customised to suit each individual because obviously, everybody is unique! There are also certain procedures that might not be suited for certain bodies, so the steps detailed here are more of a general guide.

First off is of course a consultation session that includes a detailed body weight analysis, arranging your treatment, and recommendations on how you can adjust your lifestyle.
Next, a customisable machine is used to tackle issues like bloating, water retention, cellulite and other bits and bobs. The squeamish will be pleased to know that the therapy promises to be pain-free, non-invasive and risk-free. This is followed by a number of treatments like an Aroma Steam Bath (to relax your body, boost circulation and help your body absorb the products), skin-softening body polish and lymphatic massage (to get rid of dead skin cells, draw out toxins and water retention), and a thermal heat therapy to sweat out the toxins.

This thermal heat therapy is meant to not just eliminate toxins, but raise your heart rate and core temperature so you burn calories, too. According to Cheryl, just lying on that thermal blanket for the recommended period of time can equate to one hour of non-stop exercise or burning 300 calories!

To top it all off, you get to take home and enjoy your custom recommended wellness drinks to prolong the effects of your body flush treatment.

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